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I just can’t understand all the adulation for Elizabeth Taylor, a woman who has been pampered for 45 of her 57 years (PEOPLE, March 13). Because of this pampering, she lacks the discipline to build a solid marriage or to make intelligent choices about her health, always choosing to take the easy way out—booze and drugs. From what I can see, her whole life has been one of overindulgence.

Ed Koper

Lockport, Ill.

As a former patient and an active member of the Betty Ford Center Alumni, I take offense at your story of Elizabeth Taylor’s stay at the center. The sole purpose of a sojourn at the clinic is recovery, not to complain about the food or have one’s hair done. During my four weeks there, not once did I see or hear of this frequented hair salon. Nor were patients allowed outside the grounds for anything except medical emergencies and certainly not to “wheelchair over some carryout sandwiches.” While Miss Taylor is a beautiful woman and a talented actress, she is still an addict, and hopefully she received exactly the same treatment that the rest of us received—no more, and certainly no less.

Name Withheld

Los Angeles

Before I read your article on Liz Taylor, I disliked her. I have changed my opinion. Now I find her to be a very brave woman who has been through an awful lot. Thank you for showing me the better side of a great person.

Carolyn Sternisha

Grand Rapids, Mich.


The way Tom Landry was fired was an outrage. Of course he cried. After putting 29 years of hard work and dedication into a job, he is dismissed without warning. The Cowboys won’t be the same without Tom Landry, but he left the team the same way he coached them, with a lot of class and dignity. Good luck, Mr. Landry; you should be proud of what you have done over the years.

Pamela Ritchie

Oxford, Conn.


A divorce, a remarriage and two illegitimate children by two different women, and he bases his principles on his Roman Catholic upbringing? Someone grab a wet towel! The Pope just fainted!

Ann Adkins

Fort Worth

I just read your article on Steve Garvey, and I have concluded that he has the moral fiber of an oversexed tomcat. Don’t you think it’s time to be neutered, Steve?

Sherry Sirianni

Las Vegas

Despite the fact that Steve should have used better judgment in his private life, I find it absurd that two mature women, who claim he fathered their children, were not using birth control. No intelligent, professional woman today gets pregnant unless she wants to. I think they planned to use their babies as a trap for Steve, and their schemes backfired. Now all the bad press will cost Steve his endorsements and speaking engagements. Where is the money going to come from to support Cyndy, Rebecca, Miss X and his new family? Nice going, girls.

Margie Jackson

Solana Beach, Calif.

It is men like Steve Garvey who give men a bad name.

June Galan



Please print the address of the University of Minnesota’s Raptor Center. Your article on saving the swans was touching and timely. I would also like to suggest that the center raise money for its project by selling prints of Taro Yamasaki’s stunning photo of the five swans swimming.

Sunny McMillan

Lakeville, Conn.

Contributions can be sent to: The Raptor Center, University of Minnesota, 1920 Fitch Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 55108.—ED.


I sat outraged after finishing the article in which convicted killer Joel Steinberg found a forum in which to continue the charade of maintaining his total innocence in the brutal and cruel death of the daughter he has the gall to say he loved. Just as bad, if not worse, is his denial of any abuse of Hedda Nussbaum. The article only served to confirm in my mind that this man is far more manipulative and deluded than we could have possibly imagined. I found his version of how Lisa’s death “really” happened to be self-serving and closer to a fairy tale than the truth. No one had to make Joel Steinberg out to be a monster; it seems to me to be an accurate description of the man.

Karon R. Thompson

Pocatello, Idaho

If anything is telling of Joel Steinberg’s cruelty, it’s his story about taking Lisa to a butcher shop to see “rabbits hanging on hooks.” Here’s a child who instinctively rejected a rabbit-fur coat because she had pet rabbits, and a father who decides her humane feelings deserve nothing short of the shock treatment. If Lisa had lived, I daresay she’d have remembered this “lesson” from Steinberg with horror and disgust.

Mary Carlson-Mason

Manchester, Mich.