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March 13, 1989 12:00 PM


I’m not sure what your article on Ron and Nancy Reagan was meant to convey, but I, for one, am sick to death of having my nose rubbed in the arrogant, opulent life-style of the Reagans (PEOPLE, Feb. 20). It is double-and triple-dippers like them that make it so tough on the average American taxpayer. Plus, I have no respect for a woman whose children often don’t even speak to her.

Rae Hunsaker

Bend, Ore.

I loved your article on how happy Ron and Nancy are. I picked up that issue on Valentine’s Day, and not even Cupid could have chosen a better couple. After all, they are Mr. and Mrs. America.

Robin Chiswell

Beverly Hills

I worry because they’re happy. Bonzo and Nancy paved the way for America’s economic downfall and yet reap tremendous financial rewards for it. They should be made to live with the homeless for a month or two.

Harvey Slavin

Bay Harbour Isle, Fla.

I’ve long been a fan of the Reagans; however, enough is enough. Secret Service protection, a beautiful pension, million-dollar house, etc. The Reagans can well afford to volunteer their services as the rest of us senior citizens do. Mr. Reagan should lecture for nothing. Charging $50,000 a speech is obscene. Life is not all taking; it’s giving until it hurts.

Naoma J. Sotir

Jamestown, N.Y.


I was very happy and relieved when I read your article on building sickness. I thought at first the problem was my imagination. After about one hour of entering my office, I would get extremely tired. Not only would I feel giddy and forgetful for no apparent reason, but I couldn’t breathe properly and ached all over. This went on for almost a year while I continually complained to my employer, who knew there was a problem with the air in the building but said the company couldn’t afford to have anything done. I went to work one day but by noon felt as if I were going to pass out. I started to hyperventilate and ended up in the hospital. I went to work the next day and quit on the spot. This is a serious problem, and something should be done about these sick buildings.

Name withheld

Mansfield, Mass.


Mass faxes may have done wonders for Paul Hohendorf’s social life, but for most of us they are a costly annoyance. Unlike junk mail, junk fax costs the recipient paper and delays more important messages. I have introduced legislation in California to eliminate junk fax. That it may make it more difficult for people like Mr. Hohendorf to find a date Saturday night is something I’ll have to live with.

Assemblyman Richard Katz

39th Assembly District

Sacramento, Calif.


There is only one word to describe Tessa’s biological mother—selfish. If she thinks that the best interest of the child would be to take her away from the only parents she ever knew, loved and was loved by, then selfish is the word that comes to mind. The only people who should be involved in this custody battle are Richard Reams and Beverly Seymour. And shame on them for not putting their differences aside for the sake of this child. Come to think of it, selfish best describes them too.

Iris Morgan

Gonzales, La.

Little Tessa should be able to decide who should be awarded custody of her. She could do a better job than all the people involved in this situation.

Stephanie Barnes

Irvine, Calif.


Hooray for Pat Bennett! Although I didn’t have any problem collecting child support from my ex-husband, I know that a lot of women do, and I say more power to Pat and others in the same situation. James Parker is the ultimate creep. He deserves whatever is dealt to him and more.

Floy Rogers

Lawrenceville, N.J.

As an ex-Marine I’m glad we didn’t have to look to David Gibson for support when we needed it. A guy who dumps his family is an absolute zero. I’d rather have Pat Bennett chasing him than me, and I’m glad she flanked him.

Ted Hobson

Columbus, Ohio

Wouldn’t it just figure that a man who would abandon his wife, two toddlers and an infant would say the reason he changed his name was because he forgot his social security number?

Laura Mason

San Antonio


You should be ashamed of yourselves referring to Kitty Dukakis’s alcohol treatment as “doing time.” She is not a criminal serving a sentence. She is a lovely lady seeking help. Wish I had that kind of courage.

Elizabeth Ann Bowser


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