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Our American Hostages

Thank you for your excellent article about our hostages (PEOPLE, July 18). The article shamed and awakened me concerning this crisis. Feeling that a list of the hostages and their families would help remind my family of the hostages’ plight, I typed a list to tack on my refrigerator. Later I thought I would share it with a few close friends. Then the thought hit me—the list should be made available to anyone who wants it. Therefore, I would be most privileged to send a free copy of the list to anyone who requests it by sending me a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope. I am hoping that people receiving the list will not only put it up in a visible place, but also photocopy it and give it to their friends to display too.

Gretchen Lane Perkic

Readers who would like a list should write to: Gretchen Average Citizen, “Let Our People Go,” P.O. Box 2003, Riverside, Calif. 92516-2003—ED.

There should be no thoughts of reparations paid to the families of those lost in the Iranian aircraft as long as Iran holds our fellow countrymen. Get our people home first.

Elizabeth A. McBride

Longmont, Colo.

Several of the families of the American hostages seem to doubt that the public gives much thought to the continuing captivity of their loved ones. Please assure them there are a lot of us who remember daily and pray for them. I wear a yellow ribbon wherever I go. My sister, too, is never seen without one. It isn’t much, but it seems to be all we can do—remember and pray.

Susie Cheffey

Deckerville, Mich.


Now I know why I don’t like Lionel Richie’s music. It reflects his character—watered-down and weak. What kind of man would leave his wife and lover fighting? A coward. I don’t believe what Brenda did was right, but at least he could have stood by her as she did him all these years. Maybe Mike Tyson’s next opponent should be Brenda Richie.

Irish W. Taylor

Los Angeles

Brenda, forget Lionel. A dear friend remarked to me upon learning of my now ex-husband’s infidelities with another woman, “They deserve each other. All he has is a woman who runs around with married men, and all she has is a man who cheats on his wife.” That just about says it for me.

Beverly Stewart

Ringgold, Ga.

Bravo to Brenda Richie. If it were my husband, I’d do more than kick him in the “stomach area.”

Jennifer Skinner


Toni Grant

Toni Grant has no right calling anyone a bimbo if her idea of finding love and marriage is for the woman to act stupid and continually stroke the male ego. I don’t see much hope for her own marriage if she really believes that “men don’t sit around in groups and talk. They are simple creatures. They just know if they feel good or don’t feel good.” Is she talking about a human being or a schnauzer?

Bettina Ciancio

Arlington, Texas

The picture of Toni Grant trying to play the blushing bride was just too much. I have only one question: Who gave her away, her publisher?

Wendy La Clair

Hacienda Heights, Calif.

Your article on Toni Grant was so encouraging, and I admire her very much. My husband and I have four children, and I love and adore him and am fulfilled by serving him and making him happy. In return he cherishes me and does all he can for our family. Why are feminists appalled? We’ve had to hear their speeches and endure their criticism about anyone who does not share their views. Come on, feminists, if Toni’s way works, lighten up and don’t concern yourselves with it.

Anne Lord

Marietta, Ga.

Model Mugging

Finally a national magazine has picked up on this little gem of a class, Model Mugging. I took the class two months ago and it changed my life. Every day I felt fearful in the streets and the subways. It was like living in a jungle full of predators waiting to attack at every corner. The city hasn’t changed, but I have. I walk with confidence knowing that I can protect myself, that I don’t have to be a victim. Thanks for letting other women know about this life-saving technique. It works.

Laine Jastram

New York City

I took a self-defense course within the past year, but we were not fortunate enough to have “model attackers.” Please send me the address of Matt Thomas’ classes.

Tina M. Owen

Westbrook, Maine

For locations of classes, send a SASE to: Model Mugging, P.O. Box 921, Monterey, Calif. 93942-0921—ED.

Picks & Pans

Peter Travis’ review of Bambi was outrageous. Nightmares? Where have you been? Obviously not watching TV or Saturday morning kid shows. There’s more drama, death and destruction on any afternoon cartoon serial, without the beauty, splendor and lessons of life that Bambi so wonderfully portrays. Next time let your critic’s child review a Disney classic and then give us a realistic report.

Susan E. Flynn

Waterbury, Conn.