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May 12, 1975 12:00 PM

Paul & Linda McCartney

The more I see of the McCartneys (PEOPLE, April 21) the more impressed I become. It’s enough to make you reconsider marriage!

Chris Byler


While George Harrison continues his banal preaching, John Lennon pours out his tangled inner neuroses and Ringo boogies along flaccidly, Paul McCartney does for us now what he’s been doing all along—making catchy, melodic music.

Cliff and Roxanne Martin

Los Angeles

You are really amazing if all you could dig up about Linda McCartney is that she has a few pimples and doesn’t always shave her legs. Who wrote that article anyhow, John and Yoko?

Willy France

Walnut Creek, Calif.

Percy Knauth

Congratulations for recognizing a great guy and writing a great story about him. I thought the pictures were outstanding, the treatment warm. Well done!

Bill Perry Jr.

National Association for Mental Health

Arlington, Va.

My own “Season in Hell” started in January and if I had read your article then some of my fear would have been lessened, I’m sure. Part of the comfort is knowing someone else went through it and made it.

David Julien

Livonia, Mich.

Jay J. Armes

I had never heard of Jay J. Armes before your article. A TV series? I think that would be a fantastic idea after a full-length movie on his entire life.

Dick Ainsworth

Kansas City

Bravo!! Jay Armes, you’ve touched the No. 1 crippler of our society…pity! It is my hope that the many people who have countless natural talents and abilities, but who depend on pity, sympathy and acts of God to get them by, will read and reread this article.

William Javenkoski


Rita Moreno

My two preschoolers and I love watching talented Rita Moreno in Electric Company, but I strongly disagree with her statement that Captain Kangaroo plays down to children. Captain Kangaroo is at present the only quality program for preschoolers on commercial television. Robert Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) continually shows great concern for the emotional health of his young audience and always treats them with respect.

Nancy V. Greenberg

New York

Vietnamese orphans

We were pleased to see your article on Naomi Bronstein. Naomi is a very special person at our house, since it was she who brought our daughter “home” to us over a year ago. Often when I look at that beautiful, happy child today, I think of where she might have been now without the fortitude and love of Naomi Bronstein and others like her, who have worked so hard for the orphaned children of Southeast Asia.

Earle and Jeanne


Pelham, Mass.

Vassar editor Terry Gruber

Why all the commotion over free expression portraits of Vassar co-eds in their yearbook? This is 1975, isn’t it?! Will parents withdraw their children or discourage them from attending such an institution because of its yearbook? I wish mine had been as original and imaginative. Vassar, don’t smother your artists!

Karen L. Deodato


What a disgrace to our beautiful, prestigious Vassar College. It is the outcome of changing to co-ed—which should never have been allowed. Vassar should revert back to an all women’s college, as it was intended by the founding fathers.

M. Garnot

Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

Botanist Richard Porcher

Richard Porcher’s objective in banning all future Arab development of Kiawah Island is truly the most promising individual task I’ve known any person to undertake on the eve of our Bicentennial.

John Colvin

Derby, Conn.

Jackie Haddock

I was astounded by the article about Jackie Haddock, the woman who carried her child for 13 months. You left us hanging. Why on earth wasn’t it induced? Or any other solution found? Please, if you have any other details, let us in on the mystery.

Mrs. C. M. Reinisch Jr.

Canoga Park, Calif.

This matter of a woman delivering a baby of normal weight and size 390 or 396 days after conception is impossible and therefore not acceptable to anyone with sound obstetrical knowledge.

Dr. L.A. Miller

Edmonton, Alberta

Some British doctors agree. One possible explanation is that Mrs. Haddock became pregnant last May, subsequently aborted, got pregnant again and somehow lost proper count of the weeks. The father, Brian Haddock, says delivery was not induced because “the doctors decided the baby was not ready to be born.”—ED.

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