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Murder of Innocence

My heart goes out to the people of Winnetka, III. (PEOPLE, June 6). It’s a shame that something like this was allowed to shatter the lives of so many innocent children and their parents. Nicky Corwin was a hero in every way, shape and form.

Jeff Graves

Safety Harbor, Fla.

I cannot begin to feel or understand the grief Laurie Dann has inflicted on many people. But my heart goes out to her parents. How will they live with what she has done?

Kathy DiCarlo

Limestone, Maine

Somewhere along the line, the rights of the mentally ill superseded the rights of the general public. This is a situation needing to be dealt with. New laws must be enacted. It is the business of law-enforcement agencies to protect us from criminals; someone must be equally responsible for protecting us from the violence of the mentally ill. Most of the mentally ill are thought not to be dangerous until they have hurt or killed someone. This is small consolation to those left behind to mourn the dead and heal the living.

Debrah A. Ross


William Lietz

Finally. A man who is not afraid to speak out and say how he feels about Japanese investments and trade in his hometown. I say he’s an American hero—all over again.

Roberta A. Sessions

Higley, Ariz.

Your story about William Lietz really touched me. This man is a true patriot. Why are we Americans always expected to forgive and forget? I can never forget what the veterans of World War II did for us. My father was a WW II veteran. I honestly think there is no greater patriotism felt for this country than that of these veterans. Too bad that in another 20 years there won’t be many of them around.

Deborah Smith

Bothell, Wash.

When is a war really over? When do people get past the atrocities committed by both sides in a war? I can’t understand how William Lietz can still be bitter toward the Japanese for what they did 40 years ago. None of us is fit to cast the first stone. I just hope others feel the same as I do, if there is to be a lasting peace.

Greg Thompson

Holyoke, Mass.

Robert F. Kennedy

I was one of those college students in the ’60s who was touched by Bobby Kennedy’s honesty, compassion and visions of a better society. I was sure Kennedy was the best this country had. This being an election year, my children question whom I’m going to vote for come November. I will pick the “lesser of the evils,” I say. It is my duty to vote, but I truly feel none of the candidates running can make a difference. I wish I had a Robert Kennedy to believe in and vote for.

Sherry Garelick

Granada Hills, Calif.

The Shag

I live about 45 minutes from Myrtle Beach, but I can be found every weekend at Fat Harold’s, where the movie Shag was filmed. The sad thing is that the younger generation will not even try the dance because “it’s not cool.” I hope it doesn’t become known as an old people’s dance and die out. There’s more skill to shagging than just jumping around. Thank you, PEOPLE, for letting everyone know how great shagging is.

Pam McMillan

Mullins, S.C.


In the story concerning the film Gypsy Angels, you mentioned the late Carol Wayne. I haven’t read anything about her death. Could you please explain?

Kim Gregory


Known as the Matinee Lady on The Tonight Show, Wayne drowned in 1985 while on vacation in Mexico. She was 42.—ED.

Picks & Pans

What’s the matter, Peter Travers, are you jealous? I thoroughly enjoyed the close-ups, the action, the muscles (especially the muscles) in Rambo III. Like I and II, Rambo III lets us see the underdog win against insurmountable odds. It may be unrealistic, but who says a movie has to be “real” to be enjoyed? You can laugh at Rambo III all you want, Travers, and I’m sure Sly Stallone will laugh all the way to the bank.

Rose Ellen Pifer

Berwick, Pa.

As a Marine Air crew member in a helicopter in Vietnam, I take offense at Jeff Jarvis’ comments on posttraumatic stress disorder. There are many vets who cannot to this day talk about Vietnam. Before Jarvis shoots from the hip on PTSD, I suggest he go to a Veterans Administration medical library and do some basic research. I’m sure the data he will read there on PTSD will convince him.

Cliff Hayes

Rapid City, S. Dak.

Raoul & Myrna Felder

I read your story about Raoul and Myrna Felder with great interest (PEOPLE, Mar. 28). They are both excellent attorneys and worthy adversaries. However, you were incorrect in listing me as having been “on the losing side of the Felders’ combination.” The only matter I had with them was settled to my client’s great satisfaction.

Stuart R. Shaw

New York City