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June 06, 1988 12:00 PM

Burt & Loni

Hurrah! Finally Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson have tied the big knot. They have had their ups and downs with the media, but their love has weathered it all. Loni looked absolutely breathtaking in her wedding gown. Thank you, PEOPLE, for printing such warm and lovely pictures.

Rick Anthony

De Soto, Texas

I have been a fan of Burt’s for many years and am so thrilled and delighted with your story and pictures of his and Loni’s wedding. May they have many years of love and happiness and contentment. They deserve it, they are a fine couple.

Marian Wussow

Delray Beach, Fla.

I was surprised that there was no mention of Dom DeLuise being at Burt Reynold’s wedding. I always thought they were good friends and he would be a part of Burt and Loni’s big day. What happened?

Debra Hutchinson

Sea Bright, N.J.

DeLuise was unable to be with Burt and Loni because of a professional engagement in Atlantic City. But he says, “I thought about them all day.”—ED.

The Batemans

Thanks for your great article on Justine and Jason Bateman. I think it’s great they are so close and stick together through the rough times. I wish them both the best for the future. They’ve got style.

Mandy Millet


Frank Giuffrida

Thanks to your story on Frank Giuffrida’s Hilltop Steak House, now we’ll probably have to wait three hour instead of the customary two for a table there, but it will still be worth it. My wife and I discovered a time when you can get seated immediately—Thanksgiving Eve. It seems that there aren’t that many people willing to sustain a doubleheader of sirloin one night and turkey the next. We found out why soon afterwards.

Robert Najarian

Belmont, Mass.

Duchess of York

All those writers do is carp, carp, carp. The Duchess of York looks great. I bet most of the nasty comments about her clothes are written by men who never wore a maternity dress in their lives.

Barbara Witmer

San Bernardino, Calif.

The Duchess’s designers are cutting their own throats putting their labels in her clothes. She’s got to be the worst-dressed woman on earth. How she landed a prince is a miracle.

Marlene Yanchus

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Larry Parker

I had a very hard time even believing the story about the Parkers. It is absolutely inhuman to allow a small child to die because of someone else’s so-called religious beliefs. The fact that Wesley’s parents continued to keep insulin from him, after watching him weaken daily and finally die, is…coldblooded murder in my book.

Katrina Wyse

Santa Barbara, Calif.

My great-aunt Blanche was one of the founders of the Christian Science Mother Church in Boston. I am shocked and dismayed that many Christian Scientists believe that all medical help should be spurned and instead rely exclusively on prayer to solve all ills. My great-aunt, after seeing the parents of a desperately ill child try to heal the infant with prayer alone, said, “What you’ve not understood about your faith is that the letters C.S. not only stand for Christian Science, they also stand for common sense. Get this child to a hospital immediately.” Thank God I was raised with this premise as part of my Christian Science upbringing. Had it been otherwise, the story of the Parkers might well have been my own.

Patty Buckingham


Someone needs to tell the Christian Scientists that God heals the sick through medicine, doctors, nurses and therapists, along with prayer.

Debra Spheeris

Albuquerque, N.Mex.

Cathy Mahone

Finally an American heroine. Catherine Phelps Mahone’s story of getting her daughter out of Jordan was chilling. It must have seemed an insurmountable problem, but she did it. She deserves to be Mother of the Decade.

Bob W. Seybold Jr.

Iselin, N.J.

Def Leppard

Thanks for the article on the best rock band in the world. The story of Rick Allen’s having lost his arm and his return to the drums in spite of it should inspire other handicapped people to see what they can accomplish. I love this band and their music, but most of all I love their spirit, which has put them back on top where they belong.

Sheila Tortorici

Birmingham, Ala.

I’ve been a hard-core Def Leppard fan since Pyromania in 1983, and I never doubted that they would be back. Besides being incredible musicians, they have earned my respect by the way they stuck together through all their problems. Keep up the good work, fellas, ’cause I’m eagerly awaiting a new album.

Molly Fruge


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