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December 21, 1987 12:00 PM

Jay Leno

It’s no joke—Jay Leno is one of the sexiest men alive (PEOPLE, Nov. 30). Why? Because in addition to his obvious wit, charm and intelligence he has admirable values (pro-feminism, antidrugs), and he enjoys life. And those intense turquoise eyes…move over Mel, Mark and Harry.

Kate Talbot

Brookline, Mass.

The only reason Jay Leno was the only person to cast a vote for himself as the sexiest man in America was because I (and millions of other women) didn’t know where to cast our ballots.

Patti Corcoran


Kirstie Alley

Cheers to Cheers for choosing such a fine replacement for Shelley Long. Having been an avid Sam and Diane fan since day one of Cheers, I had already made up my mind not to like Diane Chambers’ replacement. Seeing the first episode, I loathed Rebecca Howe. In the second episode, something clicked. I found her refreshing and oh, so very human. Congratulations, Kirstie, for not just stepping into shoes that were hard to fill, but for “struttin’ ” in a pair of your own.

Diane Carroll

Azusa, Calif.

Ken Small

It was with extreme interest that I read “Requiem for a Fiasco.” My brother, William Schreiber, was aboard an LST that (according to the telegram from the Navy Department) “was lost in the early morning hours of April 28,1944, having been torpedoed by enemy E boats off the English coast.” Thank you for explaining the tragic circumstances that claimed Billy’s life and the lives of others. Your article helped us to understand how Billy died: unnecessarily, but still a hero to his family. The day he died has been hard to forget: It was his 17th birthday. Thanks also to Ken Small for his effort to commemorate the young men who gave their lives during that practice maneuver.

Jennifer Schreiber Porado

Monroeville, Pa.

I was a survivor of one of the LST ships sunk that night. Since this was a preinvasion maneuver, we were loaded with an estimated 500 Navy and Army personnel. The LST was hit twice by German torpedo boats and sunk. The events of that night are still vivid in my mind. To my knowledge only 42 men survived. It seems strange to learn 43 years later that the loss of my shipmates and the anguish I suffered floating in the English Channel for six hours were all due to a “fiasco.”

Walter A. Burrell

Northbrook, Ill.

Bree Walker

Your Coping article on Bree Walker is the best I’ve read. She merely growls when she can’t hook a necklace, and I just about lose control when I can’t hook one with two hands and 10 long fingers that all work. This article has taught me a lesson on coping and patience. Bree Walker, it would be a privilege to shake your hand.

Sally Retzloff

San Antonio

I first saw Bree Walker when she was the consumer reporter in San Diego. I too was born with deformed hands and feet, although my parents and siblings are normal. Growing up was hard for me; my parents were very protective, and I was never told why I was born different. Bree gave me a sense of self-importance, especially when dealing with the public. Now the stares and giggles from adults and children don’t bother me as much. We may be different, but isn’t everyone?

Denise Durham

Maple Shade, N.J.

I am a native of San Diego who enjoyed Bree Walker for many years on the midday and evening newscasts before I knew she had any sort of physical deformity. Her intelligence, friendliness and ease before the camera were the factors that made an indelible impression on me. After reading your article about her I am further impressed with her ability to rise above physical abnormalities and live life with probably more enthusiasm than those of us who have “normal” features.

Anetha Tyree

Novato, Calif.

Howdy Doody

During this week of giving thanks, I am sending mine along to you for bringing back a bit of my childhood. The article about Howdy Doody was very special for me because I am one of the children pictured in the Peanut Gallery.

Susan Ehrenfeld Senape

New York

Clark and Sharon Snell

Thank you for your article “In Need of an Angel.” Tears welled as I read how wonderful these people are for taking time to help those less fortunate. It made me feel selfish for wanting a second watch and a set of china. Thanks also for printing addresses. The clothes that sit in the garage because my daughter can’t wear them any longer won’t go to waste. They’ll go to the Snells. With Christmas arriving soon it’s a doubly good reason to give.

Jimmi Lovett

San Jose

I urge you to forward the article and address of Clark and Sharon Snell to Eddie Murphy, who, according to your Take One section has $20,000 to waste on lodging for two nights. What a Christmas present that would be for this very special family.

Betty McFall


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