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L.A. Law

Thanks for the article on L.A. Law (PEOPLE, Feb. 2). Thanks also to Steven Bochco et al for putting together some of the most interesting and dynamic duos on TV today. My television screen hasn’t been so fogged up since the early days of Furillo and Davenport on Hill Street Blues.

Andrea Miller

Lizella, Ga.

I call my friends every Friday to compare notes on the latest edition of L.A. Law. It is by far network television’s brightest star. Sure Corbin Bernsen, Harry Hamlin and Jimmy Smits are gorgeous guys, but Michael Tucker can teach me the Venus Butterfly anytime.

Lee Catherine Berlin

North Highlands, Calif.

Lawyers who don’t always win, lawyers who have feelings, lawyers who go to jail, lawyers who get burned out and find it hard to deal with life. Bravo Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher. It’s about time we learned that underneath the three-piece suits are live humans.

Leah Frank

Albertville, Ala.

Jeff Jarvis should have made his list of “a dozen shows that shouldn’t be missed” a baker’s dozen and added St. Elsewhere. Pardon the pun, but this show is just what the doctor ordered.

Eleanor B. Armstrong


Lee lacocca

Lee lacocca a sex symbol? Give me a break. Since when has the dollar sign become a sex symbol?

Sarah Scocchio

Syosset, N.Y.

With much haste I clipped out the photo of Lee lacocca with his mother, applied a caption and affixed it to my refrigerator door. At a time when children are often annoyed with parental advice, this is a wonderful example of a mother and her son which depicts, “You are never too old, too successful or too smart to listen to a parent.”

Ann Calahan

Pinckney, Mich.

I don’t consider Lee lacocca sexy but I love his face. It reminds me of a carved Halloween pumpkin—about a week after Halloween.

Jo Alarid

Ventura, Calif.

George Shirley

As an education major in college, I applaud George Shirley’s attempts and many successes at bettering Alisal High’s students. He has given them a chance that, unfortunately, few teachers ever would. A teacher’s main responsibility is to provide each student with the opportunity to explore his or her own interests and desires. The good teachers will open doors through which any student can walk and look at their future with hope. Shirley has done just that. He may have “lost the war” with the shortsighted school board, but he has been an inspiration to me, as well as to many other future teachers. He holds my highest respect.

Tracy B. Early


Larry and Paula Mick

Let me get this straight. The Cooper kids were placed in a foster home in order to be in a more normal and loving atmosphere, and now they are being removed from that home for the very same reason. It’s a shame that now that the kids are finally learning to trust and love someone they are again being uprooted and expected to start over again. You just can’t win for losing. Thanks, PEOPLE, for the update. This is one story I didn’t want to wait till the end of the year to hear what happened.

Cheryl Lawrence

Alameda, Calif

I was moved to tears reading your article about the Cooper children. Judge Mott has given five innocent children a life sentence. He told them loud and clear they were not good enough to be really loved. This sense of unworthiness and helplessness will haunt them for a lifetime. How can Iowa’s citizens tolerate having a judge with so little compassion and such extreme shortsightedness on their bench?

Randye C. Kreischer

Bowling Green, Ohio

You can never love a child too much. Children cannot learn to trust unless they know what it is to feel genuinely loved. If they never learn this trust, they become empty shells. The Micks were there to give this love to the Cooper children and the Department of Human Services took them away. This has to be one of the cruelest forms of child abuse.

Beverly Ippoliti

Scotia, N.Y.

Mel Melton

I strenuously protest your giving free publicity to Mel Melton and his allegedly “better” mousetrap. Are you telling me that a better mousetrap is a device that suffocates an animal to death? I’m constantly amazed at the abysmal ignorance of man. Mel, put yourself in this trap, suffocate to death after several hours and then tell me it’s “better” than instantaneous death in a spring trap!

Amy R. Martinovich

Libertyville, Ill.

I am very irritated by Marcia Katuin’s letter regarding the Mikowski family. Did she ever stop to think those 15 children raised in a loving family will grow to be responsible adults who could be part of the solution to the problems of the world, not the problem? The family is the answer to the problems of this world.

Nina Konopasek

Cicero, Ill.

In Oprah Winfrey’s defense, when you buy very expensive clothes, you get a misconception on the size. I’m sure her clothes do say 14. In K mart the exact same clothes would say 18. You have a choice of a small price tag and a larger size dress or a large price tag and a small dress.

Stacy Denner

Raytown, Mo.