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David Letterman

What took you so long to put Letter-man on the cover(PEOPLE, July 14)? David is the only guy I would ever seriously consider leaving my husband for. But the chances of that happening are not even worth figuring out, so go ahead and print my name.

Dorothy Michalski

Turtle Creek, Pa.

David Letterman is a living oxymoron (an insomniac’s dream) and the best thing to happen to television since Ernie Kovacs. His early morning mirth is going to cost me my job one of these days—but I don’t care!

Robert del Valle

Troy, Mich.

It’s nice to know there are 3.7 million other people up till 1:30 in the morning watching a grown man jump onto a Velcro wall or doing other stupid human tricks.

Kellie Chamberline

Sarah Broderick

Bristol, Texas

Thinking it would be an endless task to pick your cover and the story behind it, from all the people that would be deserving such an honor…David Letter-man? Why not Regis Philbin? It would be a close second as to which one is more boring. Letterman can’t sing or act. What made him think he could be a talk-show host? He need not worry about trying to ever compete with Johnny Carson’s record. He’s not even in the running in my thinking. If NBC wants to keep him, stay with late, late night shows. After Johnny, I go to bed.

Diana Flory

Salinas, Calif.

Roy Cohn

In most instances, a story about a dying man fallen from lofty heights would elicit pity and comparisons to Greek tragedies. In Cohn’s case, however, not a twinge of sympathy can be found in my heart. Not once in the years since the McCarthy hearings have I heard him express any remorse or shame for his part in that terrible episode in U.S. history. His hubris and reckless pursuit of power and celebrity left many ruined lives and reputations in their wake. Cohn is cruel, unjust and inherently evil, and if there really is a Judgment Day, Cohn’s troubles have just begun.

Susan Bailey

Hartford, Conn.

Years from now no one will even recall the names of the hatchet men responsible for the disbarment of Roy Cohn, while he will be remembered as the most brilliant legal mind of our time. And that is the best revenge of all. Your article gives the impression he’s losing his biggest battle; don’t count on it. He’s a fighter and may yet wind up with the last laugh or two.

Carol Renza

Putnam Valley, N.Y.

Michael Lerner

A salute to Michael Lerner and his “Baby on Board” signs. These signs were meant to make others aware of infants and children in vehicles and make them more safety conscious. But with all the “copycats” cropping up, less attention will be paid to the original signs, and the primary purpose will be lost. So come on, people, put your “ex-husband” and “ex-wife” signs in the trunk and give us parents a break.

Debbie Woolwine

Huntington, W.Va.

Enough is enough of Michael Lerner and his yellow “safety signs.” I find that many of the people who display the signs are among the worst drivers on the road, the types who naively think they are protecting their kids from other drivers. Lerner has given our generation something it constantly seeks—a “quick fix” to a serious problem. The use of seat belts, approved child-restraint devices and defensive-driving techniques will save many more lives than a little piece of plastic ever will. Seeing one of Lerner’s signs on a nearby vehicle does nothing to alter my own driving habits. Rather it only reminds me that a certain entrepreneur is getting ready to buy his next Mercedes. Perhaps the signs should read “Sucker on Board.”

Robin Ditzler

Newport, R.I.

Ted Turner

Ted Turner’s comparison of Soviet politics to Jewish genocide is inappropriate and an insult to those who remember the Holocaust. Religious freedom is one of the reasons most of our ancestors came to America—and the reason many Russians wish to emigrate. Bigotry begins at home!

Cheryl Lefland

New York City

Picks & Pans

Ralph Novak must have had a bad day at the office or a bad batch of popcorn when he ventured into the theater to review About Last Night…. His negative and sarcastic critique totally misses the target. The film encompasses a variety of realistic messages ranging from how vacuous the singles-bar scene is to how hard it can be to attempt living together. Sure, the movie may have had a few sagging moments or empty lines. However, the film is welcome relief from this summer’s multitude of slapstick comedies and violent flicks.

Elizabeth Henzey

Alexandria, Va.

It’s not a good idea to print an article that misinforms and misleads readers. I saw About Last Night…and found it to be quite entertaining, funny, interesting. Ralph Novak refers to the characters as being shallow and backs up his statement with the argument that Rob Lowe and Demi Moore had about whether to have ham or turkey on Thanksgiving. My parents had such an argument once. I didn’t attribute it to their shallowness, only to my dad liking ham and my mom preferring turkey. According to Mr. Novak, “the audience wants them to end up in a Dumpster.” I only wanted one thing to end up in a Dumpster—and as far as I know, Novak’s review is still there.

Linda Samuelian