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Charlie’s Angels

I was thrilled to see Charlie’s Angels on the cover (PEOPLE, Oct. 20), commemorating the 10th anniversary of the series. Thanks for giving recognition to the producers, the stars and the show itself.

Stacey Schraut

Hillsboro, Ill.

As a female Angels fan who never missed an episode (and took a lot of razzing from most of my friends), I am sick and tired of listening to the original four apologize for being Angels. I really resent being made to feel that I was stupid for enjoying the show and further resent the fact that those millions of us who faithfully watched made highly bankable stars of those in-grates. If I knew then what I know now, they’d all be working for a living with the rest of us.

Robin Reizner

Des Plaines, Ill.

If Aaron Spelling follows up on his idea to bring Charlie’s Angels back as a two-hour reunion movie, it would skyrocket. Everyone, including me, loves Angels. So what if it’s trouble to get the originals together again. It’s worth it.

Anthony Saladino

New York City

Bill and Fran Flesher

I cannot believe you would lower yourselves to the level of some trashy magazines. The pictures of two fat, naked people do not belong in a magazine lying around for children to see. The next time I see something like this, I no longer will buy your magazine.

Kathy White

Odessa, Texas

Your picture of Bill and Fran on their horses is one of the funniest photographs I have ever seen. If anything is going to keep my clothes on, it’s seeing that picture.

Nancy Unruh

Sterling, Kans.

Mary Beth Whitehead

Okay, now that you’ve tried to drum up sympathy for someone who obviously did not put a lot of thought into the surrogate program and all that it entails and seems delighted to talk to the press at great length, may we please have a story on the pain and heartache Mary Beth Whitehead has caused the Sterns? A surrogate is comparable to an adoption; once you decide it is the best thing for the child, you don’t come back later and decide you want to be a parent. Let that wonderful baby grow in love and peace with her parents, the Sterns.

Vikki Hardley

Traverse City, Mich.

Frankly, I am against the idea of surrogate mothering. It is unfortunate that some couples cannot have children, but that’s life. While growing up, I was taught that I can’t always have everything that I want in life, and this is one of those situations. Adoption, foster parenting or no children are the options.

Patricia Melinchuk

Boothwyn, Pa.

I was disturbed by Mary Beth Whitehead’s story. Her comment about never being asked, before she signed the contract, how she would feel after the baby’s birth, brought back memories of the birth of my surrogate son in November 1980. How ironic that in America we have support groups for women who have lost a child through every possible tragedy, yet a potential surrogate does not have the opportunity to become aware of the whopping emotional upheaval she will experience following the birth of her child. So, Mary Beth, you fell in love with your baby, and no one warned you? Well, so did I. So do we all. Let this be a warning to any woman contemplating an altruistic surrogate pregnancy. Be prepared to spend the rest of your life aching for a son or daughter who will never be a part of your life. A check for $10,000 cannot begin to cover the cost of repairing the damage to your spirit. Just as soon as you leave the delivery room with check in hand, your job is over. Like it or not, you’re fired! Maybe some day we will all begin to realize that a woman’s heart and soul cannot be contained within the pages of a legal contract.

Elizabeth Kane

Pekin, Ill.

Mrs. Kane (not her real name) was the first paid surrogate mother.—ED.

A surrogate mother does not sell her child. That child would never have been conceived or brought into this world without the intention of its father and adoptive mother. The surrogate sells the service of growing the parents’ child for them. I know. A wonderful surrogate provided a nine-month home for our son, who is most certainly ours. She has never felt any differently from us about that. She considered her role a privilege, and the joy she received in fulfilling our dreams for us will last her whole lifetime.


There can never be any easy solutions to the many problems that can evolve from surrogate parenting. The best answer is to make all surrogate situations illegal. The surrogate process can hurt all the people involved and ruin many lives. Let’s find another way to help the childless couple who would like to have a baby.

Diane Miller

Rockland, Maine

Sally Jessy Raphaël

Thank you for printing such a delightful, entertaining, honest, humorous story. I have never watched or listened to her, but I will. One tends to bore quickly with people who have had it easy and make it big. It is always refreshing to hear someone’s story who never had it easy and yet never gave up. Go enjoy every minute of your success, Sally. You deserve it.

Linda Fox

La Jolla, Calif.


In reference to your item about Erik Estrada, 15 years ago, when my son was born, I also kept his umbilical cord in a glass jar, but my husband threw it out. Six years later I had my son’s baby teeth mounted onto a necklace and threw my husband out!

Name Withheld

New York City