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Priscilla Presley

Thank you for printing Priscilla Presley’s answers to all the false stories about her and Lisa (PEOPLE, Sept. 8). I’ve been a fan of Elvis’ for 30 years, and even before I read her book, I guessed that life with Elvis was not all that we fans would have thought it to be. Priscilla has done a good job with Lisa, having to bring her up under the public eye just as Jacqueline Kennedy did with her two children. Both mothers can be proud and I’m sure the fathers would be also.

Barbara Casuscelli

N. Adams, Mass.

How can anyone disbelieve rumors about an 18-year-old young woman, when Mommy does all the talking and mostly about herself? Isn’t Lisa Marie allowed to speak for herself?

Dee Mavis

Union City, Calif.

It is understandable for Priscilla to want to raise her daughter in private. I feel Priscilla was very smart in doing so. But it is only natural for a country that was raised on Elvis and loved him to want a little part of watching Lisa Marie grow. In the future please share more pictures with us.

Sandra Graybill

Vacaville, Calif.

This is about the third long article Priscilla has written in recent years on “raising Elvis’ child”; how much mileage can one get from having Elvis’ daughter? I agree with her that Elvis would be very proud of Lisa. He always was, and she has grown into a fine young woman. However, I doubt Elvis would be proud of Priscilla’s activities. First, with her book she totally stripped away Elvis’ privacy by revealing personal thoughts and intimate moments which were nobody’s business. Now she also strips away Lisa’s privacy by telling of her drug experiences, lackluster school life, boyfriend situations, etc. Priscilla continually says she is not trading on Elvis’ name and that she is protecting her daughter’s private life, but I believe actions speak much louder than words.

S. Wiegert

Los Angeles

Alan Amron

Quote by water gun inventor, Alan Amron: “I don’t like guns either, but I’ve never known anything that could make money this fast.” Join the crowd, Alan. Sadly, gun manufacturers and munitions dealers figured that out eons ago. World peace? Forget it. Just keep the dollars coming.

Mrs. William Happ

Ringwood, N.J.

Alan Amron’s automated squirt guns are great fun, but not everywhere. My 12-year-old son, Drew, was nabbed at the Seattle airport after security agents saw an alarming shape in the hand-baggage X ray. When they took a closer look, the ersatz Uzi tried to prove innocence by dribbling water down one guard’s pant leg. That didn’t help much. The verdict: Plastic or not, it looked too much like a gun to get past the checkpoint.

Sam A. Angeloff


Angeloff was a founding senior editor of PEOPLE.


Beth Romaine

Beth Romaine’s courage in telling her story of sexual abuse is to be applauded. People who sexually abuse our children hope that the added trauma of going to trial, where defense attorneys are allowed to intimidate, frighten and confuse the victim, will be too great a price to pay for justice. Thank God Beth’s journey into the American judicial system resulted in justice being served. For the overwhelming majority of victims the opposite is true. All too often the rights of the victims are violated by judges who show little (if any) regard for the rights of these children. All too often our children are being raped again by our system of justice. It was because of this double abuse that a group of concerned parents founded PASA (Parents Against Sexual Abuse). We have made progress in making major changes in the sexual abuse laws in this state. Courageous people like Beth and Florida Sen. Paula Hawkins are to be commended, as is your publication.

John M. Esslinger

President, PASA

Hermitage, Tenn.

I was sexually abused by an uncle when I was a child. At first I was very confused and bewildered. Then as I got older I was ashamed and embarrassed. I have told no one except my husband and one very close friend. I am so glad to see this issue being brought out to the public. So many people ignore this subject because it is so distasteful, and they think it would never happen to their child. Parents, please talk to your children and explain to them good and bad touches. I admire Beth Romaine for speaking out. I hope maybe someday I will be able to.


Austin, Texas

Steve Fossum

Thank you for your story on Steve Fossum. My fiancé was wrongly accused and convicted of rape and sentenced to serve six years behind bars. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who care who the real “victim” is.

Carol L. Hanson

Newbury Park, Calif.

What prompted me to write was the closing statement in the Steve Fossum story. “It makes me wonder how many other Steve Fossums are in prisons across the country.” If only 5 percent of the prison population in this country are innocent, then thousands of people have been framed at trial or coerced into plea bargaining, which means the assistant district attorneys, the arresting officers and witnesses for the state committed crimes themselves to win these cases. What’s wrong with our judicial system? Innocent people should not have to go to prison. I’m one of those innocent victims of the system. I was convicted of crimes I was not guilty of. I’m not asking you to give my case attention. I’m asking you to make the public aware of this problem. It’s their duty to free us.

Name Withheld

Las Cruces, N.Mex.