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July 07, 1986 12:00 PM

Rock Hudson

I have just finished reading the second of your two-part series on Rock Hudson (PEOPLE May 16), and I must say it left me depressed. Did I really want to know that much about his life-style and love-style? When I think back on how much I enjoyed his movies and television work, I find it hard to believe this is the same man. I can never forgive his decision to put himself and his career first and put Linda Evans at risk with that Dynasty kiss. How wonderful for him to be without the “vulnerability of guilt.” Thank God most of us are vulnerable.

Janet M. Koschik

Ashtabula, Ohio

For Rock Hudson’s friends to call him a hero just because he announced to the world that he had AIDS made me ill. Heroics had nothing to do with it; he could no longer get away with denying it. He would have been a real hero if he had announced he had AIDS before he kissed Linda Evans and before he found it necessary to send these anonymous letters. Heroic, no. Selfish, yes.

Mary Catherine Schmidt

Port Edwards, Wis.

Rock Hudson jeopardized Linda Evans’ life just to protect his career. This sad, shocking fact tells me more about this man than an entire biography could.

Ginny Ivey


Jennifer Lee

I have been a Richard Pryor fan for many years. I have also been a devoted PEOPLE reader since its inception. Please do not subject your readers to articles such as the one written by Jennifer Lee. Ms. Lee appears to have endured the “bruises” and the “name-calling” just long enough to make it legal and collect alimony. My message to Richard Pryor is that if he has learned nothing else over the past years, I do hope that he has learned to either choose his wives more carefully or to stay single for a while. With a wife like Jennifer Lee, he certainly did not have to look far for his enemies.

Barb Russell


I am usually in favor of hearing other opinions, but in this case I believe Jennifer Lee should keep her opinions to herself. Richard Pryor has made it very clear that Jo Jo Dancer is not an autobiography. Yet Ms. Lee insists on aggravating Richard with accusations of being dishonest about the portrayal of his life. I saw the movie, and I admire Richard for his insight and wonderful sense of humor.

Cynthia Lynn Sotomayor

Benbrook, Texas


I enjoyed the recent photo of Ozzy Osbourne and his children, Kelly and Aimee, playing in the tub, but something is bothering me. In the lower middle of the picture is an extra pair of feet sticking up out of the water! I hope that is a baby doll and not his 7-month-old son, Jack.

Carol Shoe

Kannapolis, N.C.

Rest assured. It was one of two dolls floating in the tub at the time.—ED.

Picks & Pans

As a loyal Journey fan for many years, I was pleased with David Hiltbrand’s review of their album Raised on Radio. However, it appeared to be more of a fashion review instead of a music review. David Hiltbrand seems to believe that Steve Perry’s new hairdo really has an influence on the band’s musical ability. This fine album proves that it doesn’t.

Marca Ranalli

Gibsonia, Pa.

Thank you for the enjoyable review of Patti LaBelle’s Winner In You. I’m a Michael McDonald fan to the core and purchased the album solely for On My Own. Taking off the headphones after a listen, I discovered that I liked the remaining tunes almost as much. As for Ms. Shaughnessey’s observation that the LaBelle-McDonald “combination ought to be repeated,” I second the motion.

Laurie Geffert

Whiting, Ind.

Ingrid Bergman

Your cover story of Ingrid Bergman (Jan. 13) included my exclusive photograph of her with Roberto Rossellini and her husband, Petter Lindstrom. The highly newsworthy picture made by me at a special screening in a Hollywood theater in March 1949 was improperly credited. Inasmuch as this is one of the most valuable photos in my collection, I trust you agree this deserves editorial notice.

Nat Dallinger

Santa Monica, Calif.

We agree.—ED.

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