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February 10, 1986 12:00 PM

Ricky Nelson

What a wonderful tribute to the young man with whom we all grew up, swooned over and watched as his star continued to glow (PEOPLE, Jan. 20). It is so refreshing to read a wonderfully sentimental remembrance of someone who, though the victim of a most untimely death, left those behind with nothing but kind words and thoughts. Thank you for respecting a special memory.

Karen Kinney Drellich

Walnut Creek, Calif.

Thanks so much for the beautiful story on Rick Nelson. Tears came to my eyes as I read about the plane crash. I, like so many, will continue to feel the loss of the friend we knew, loved and grew up with from the golden days of Ozzie & Harriet.

Joyce Tucker

Addison, Ill.

What a pity it took the untimely death of an American pop idol to finally earn him an overdue cover story. To those of us who grew up with Rick Nelson, who loved and admired his talent, this recognition should have taken place when he too could have enjoyed it.

Steve Martinez

Santa Monica, Calif.

When I was a child, my dream was to meet Rick Nelson. Long after I was grown, this dream came true. At over 35 concerts, Rick always had time for my family after his shows. It is important for those of us who truly loved Rick Nelson to express to others how nice he really was, in a time when nice was not the way to be.

Leola Woznick Carmody

Middletown, N.Y.

I was bothered by James Burton’s quote “I think everyone who grew up in America in the ’50s will miss Rick Nelson.” What about the following generation? I’m only 16 and I’ll miss him as much as my parents. He may not have had as much influence as someone like Elvis, but Ricky affected me more than Elvis ever will. I want the teenagers of the ’50s to know that he wasn’t just their Ricky Nelson, he was ours, too.

Robin Hawkins

St. Charles, Ill.

Gov. Richard Lamm

As a citizen of Colorado I can only state my complete admiration for our Governor. As the daughter of a lady who was terminally ill for 10 years, often on life support against her wishes, in the end emotionally bankrupt from her own suffering and the sorrow of knowing my father was financially wiped out, I agree with what Governor Lamm really said in his “right to die” statements. So would my mother were she still alive. As a mother of profoundly retarded twin daughters who have lived 24 years trapped in pain and misery inside helpless, twisted bodies, I agree with the Governor when he says it’s a shame to spend $20,000 to teach them to roll over. These are highly personal issues which many people would rather sweep under the rug, cloud with high-blown rhetoric, or ignore entirely. Not our Governor. He’s a rare man—a man in political office who has the courage, integrity, foresight, intelligence, genuine concern—and the guts to “tell it like it is.”

Jessica Steele

Westminster, Colo.

Your article on Gov. Richard Lamm brought tears to my eyes. Tears of anger, frustration, fear and disgust. Of all his ridiculous opinions, I find his stand against special education the most inhuman. When the quality of one retarded person’s life is improved, so are the lives of all those involved. Teaching a child to roll over, which Gov. Lamm takes so lightly, is one small step in a very large direction. A retarded child has no less right to the best education and training possible than any other child. Because that education may require different modes of thinking is certainly no reason to withhold it. Things that many people take for granted in their children, we count as major accomplishments in ours. We are sick to death of our children being the butt of ignorant jokes and tasteless remarks. We are tired of funding for our kids’ programs being cut because every other item on state, local and federal budgets takes priority. And we’ve had it with having to fight for every single aspect of quality in our kids’ lives. But fight we will. No one is going to make us stop trying to make the best lives possible for our children. And one of the things I will fight until the day I die are the attitudes of cruel, unfeeling, uncaring people like Gov. Richard Lamm. No, retarded people are not God’s “mistakes.” God doesn’t make mistakes. But obviously, the Colorado voting population does.

Mary R. Cahill

Pasadena, Calif.

Simon Le Bon

The world has ended! My life is in utter darkness! Simon Le Bon marries Yasmin. Oh, well, at least it wasn’t Clare and sexy John Taylor is still free, so watch out Renee!

Susan Duttweiler

Vernon, Conn.

I would like to congratulate PEOPLE for their wonderful coverage of Simon Le Bon’s marriage to Yasmin Parvaneh. It sets the record straight about all of the rumors. Your true Duran fans still love ya, Simon!

Michelle Thornton

Clifton Park, N.Y.

Picks & Pans

Oh come on now, Jeff Jarvis, you have really done it this time! You insulted the Muppets. I mean, no human being insults the Muppets. Just because they’ve caused 30 years of laughter and joy and you have not?

Andrea Basil

Tacoma, Wash.

I am congratulating myself today because I took notice of the excellent review Jeff Jarvis gave last week of Passion Flower, which was shown last night on CBS. The movie was worth the price of admission to a movie theater, and from now on I will check Picks & Pans more closely and take much more notice of its opinions.

Joan Barren

Davie, Fla.

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