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Year-End Issue

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed that beautifully written article on Bob Geldof’s inspired efforts to raise funds for the millions of hungry people in Africa (PEOPLE, Dec. 23-30). Had Bob Geldof not been moved to wage battle against this massive devastation, how many lives would have been lost? More should be written about this great man and the many other people in the entertainment field and other fields who are selflessly devoting themselves to help others in need. They deserve our commendation.

Sandra Messinger

New York City

Sonny Crockett an improvement over Alan Alda? You must be joking. Mr. Alda likes women. Sonny seems to prefer his clothes, his car and his angst.

Nora L. Kelly


I was hurt and dismayed to find that you included Cathleen Webb as one of the 25 Most Intriguing People of 1985. It is a very sad and compelling story to think that Gary Dotson may have spent years in jail unjustly, but an equally sad story is the fact that millions of women are raped each year and their cases never reach the courtroom. What Cathleen Webb has done to rape victims is to severely reduce their credibility in the eyes of juries. Cases being tried must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, and now juries will remember Cathleen and start to doubt the victim even more.

Diane Lowe


Half the parents in America could take lessons from Dwight Gooden’s. What a marvelous job they did of instilling in their son a sense of values! He is a credit to their example and their sacrifices. I have not a single doubt that he will remain an unaffected, honorable and successful young man. Go, Gooden!

June M. Thomas


I am simply amazed that you managed to write an entire article about one man’s problem with a deadly disease, without once mentioning the fact that this man was also a loved and respected individual and a great actor as well. Is Mr. Hudson’s entire 37-year career going to be forgotten? It seems such a shame that all the joy this man has brought the viewing public will be negated because of a disease that made him suffer so the last days of his life.

Lynn Rheault

San Antonio

You must be kidding! You practically attribute the success of one multitalented man (Bruce Springsteen) to his wife—a lady who is who she is only because of the man she is fortunate enough to have married. Don’t worry, Bruce, your true fans know the truth.

Kristy L. Owens

Marietta, Ga.

How could you publish a 25 Most Intriguing issue and neglect to include: Sade, Sting, Wynton Marsalis, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Howie Long, Sade, Sam Shepard, Dolph Lundgren/Grace Jones, Sade, Raul Julia, Michael Jordan, Marcus Allen, Mel Gibson, Sade, Isabella Rossellini, Bill Cosby, Sade, Ted Turner, Wilson Goode, Sade, Sade, Sade!

Nick Bonfortune

Los Angeles

I know the people of Cutler, Maine do not remember me, but for as long as I live I’ll never forget the year 1968 because I was stationed there. As for living under the threat of 400 Russian warheads, I envy Cutler’s residents because not a day goes by that the sound and smell of the sea, the fragrance of the woods and cries of the seagulls are not in my thoughts. I would rather be haunted by the threat of those warheads than know I can only visit that coastal area and sense for a short time what they have. If President Reagan or Soviet leader Gorbachev ever decides to pursue the unthinkable, I would like to know so I could flee to Cutler and have my last moments on Ground Zero. This world today, and the threats we live with, revolves around trade-offs. I believe the people of Cutler have the best deal.

William Pettyjohn


After I finished reading the article on Nick and Kim’s “Vietnam Love Story,” I found myself in tears and laughter. Hail to the New York State legislators and Greg Kane. Because of their tremendous efforts, Nick, Kim and Chinh finally were reunited.

Chris Yueh

Alhambra, Calif.

Picks & Pans

Boo, hiss to you, PEOPLE. I was shocked and appalled to find that you rated the Tears for Fears album Songs From the Big Chair one of the worst albums of the year. You must be joking. In my opinion Curt Smith and Roland Orzabel are two of the most energetic, creative and wonderful new musicians of 1985. They are in no way “mindless, repetitive” or “boring.” C’mon, guys!

Jodi Williams


I cannot believe you rated Alabama’s 40 Hour Week album as one of the worst. Your critics must be about “three bricks short of a load.” At least I don’t have to censor the lyrics on the records my children buy.

Beryl Venderlic

Sarver, Pa.

I am getting really tired of the media treatment of Alan Thicke. Growing Pains is a wonderful show, and Mr. Thicke is a part of what makes it so. When I was suffering from growing pains, I was assured that people who constantly put you down were just jealous. Well?

Jeanette Eckeard

Pomona, Calif.