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The Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Thank you for your article on the letters of Mrs. Simpson and King Edward VIII (PEOPLE, May 12). Although I’ve rarely read such juvenile trivia and wasted six and a half minutes doing so, I realized what a debt England owes Mrs. Simpson for having taken the boy off its hands.

Nan Wholey

Oakmont, Pa.

Isn’t it something that Sarah Ferguson can have such a “stormy” and promiscuous past and still be given permission to marry HRH Prince Andrew? And isn’t it amazing that Princess Margaret can get divorced and still remain a princess? But King Edward VIII couldn’t marry the woman he truly loved and still remain king because she was a divorced commoner! May you rest in peace, dear Duke of Windsor.

Margie Fisher

Indiana, Pa.

Andrew Fisher

Thank you for the wonderful story on Andrew Fisher. How heartening to read about people like David Le Clair and the medical professionals who gave so much of themselves so that Andrew could have a new and better life. Could you please publish an address where I and other interested persons could send a contribution to the fund for Andrew’s past and continuing care?

Mrs. Robert A. Hanson

Peoria Heights, Ill.

Send checks to:

Andrew Fisher Fund c/o Freeman/ McCue, 160 Newport Center Drive, Suite 210, Newport Beach, Calif. 92660

Maria and Arnold

Where were you when I got married? I may not have had a celebrity guest list, but at least I paid for my own wedding gown.

Laura Petersen Miller

San Jose, Calif.

Thanks for turning my manic Monday into a happier one with your account of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wedding. Seeing all those super people in the article made me think of much happier days and made me realize the dream will always live, and we must continue to hope.

Toni Currin

Dillon, S.C.

Bonus Book

So Eddie Fisher’s mother blames all of his problems on Elizabeth Taylor? Give me a break! It sounds more like Eddie Fisher’s biggest problem is Eddie Fisher, unless it’s his mother. Apparently neither one of them has realized that ultimately we are all responsible for our actions, and to blame a relationship that ended almost 25 years ago for Fisher’s subsequent troubles is the worst kind of cop-out. So come on, Kate, stop making excuses. It’s time both of you grew up.

Peter Benson

Oakland, Calif.

Rich Buckelew

It was so scary reading a story that mirrors my own life. What’s sad is if you saw Rich Buckelew and me side by side, people would think we were normal guys. Being totally disabled can be even harder if you don’t look the part. It becomes harder to explain. Like Rich, I just try to put my mask on and hide as well as possible. It’s nice to know PEOPLE cares enough for the unseen disabled to let our side be known. Maybe the next time we park in the handicapped parking spaces (which I have a plate for), people won’t sneer just because they can’t see our scars or feel our pain.

Jimmy Beasley

Clay City, Ky.

I attended Hackensack High School from 1968 to 1972. As an overweight, nonphysical teenager, I dreaded gym class like the plague. Mr. Buckelew made it tolerable. With his dry, deadpan humor and a strong sense of fair play, he made us all laugh and enjoy his company. I remember him fondly; he got me through. His daily pain is even sadder to me, however, because I recently suffered the loss of my mother, who died from the side effects of years of drug-taking to combat the daily pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Don’t give up, Rich. I pray you beat your pain. Your courage is an example to all of us.

John Mainieri

New York City

Sebastiani Feud

I have been drinking Sebastiani wines for years. I stopped today. You see, I am female. Since Don Sebastiani thinks females are so worthless, he obviously doesn’t need me to buy his wines. I feel sorry for Sam Sebastiani; after all, he’s the one related to Don!

Elaine McCardel

Chapel Hill, N.C.

Ellen Morehouse

I noted that Ellen Morehouse referred to a 1985 study finding that cocaine use among teens is up in every region of the country “except the South.” Unfortunately, that has changed, at least in Florida, because of cocaine—”crack” or “rock.” Veteran law enforcement people in Florida, deeply concerned, tell me the rock craze is the fastest-growing drug problem they’ve faced, especially among teens. While I’m pushing some loophole-closing legislation, I know the real hope must lie in public information and education. Your piece should make Mom stop and realize that when she gives Johnny $5 for the movie, she just provided the price of a rock hit. And the awful truth your article provides about addiction and destruction may discourage young people from trying rock. Thanks for this good work.

Lawton Chiles

U.S. Senator


I read and believe the story about cocaine. It’s not only happening in cities, it’s happening in the small town of Marshfield, Mass. too! Ellen Morehouse was right; if you don’t do it, you aren’t “in.” Practically all my friends are cocaine users, and now I’ve lost them as friends because of it. There is one thing I can say is not true: Not all kids are apt to try it at one time or another. There are some of us left who aren’t “out for the high.”


Marshfield, Mass.