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Patti Davis

Patti Davis is a bitter woman who wrote Home Front not for the cathartic exercise, as she vehemently insists (PEOPLE, Feb. 24), but obviously for the bucks. She seems furious her parents’ successes haven’t “trickled down” on her. Grow up and get over it, Patti.

Sarah Wallhauser

Kari Landis

Missoula, Mont.

I wouldn’t spend a penny for Patti Davis’ book. I’ll bet the Reagans are secretly glad she no longer uses their name. She hasn’t been much of a credit to the family. Her failure to excel makes it easy for her to criticize others—so people won’t notice her own shortcomings!

Name withheld

Madison, Conn.

Not another overindulged spoiled brat commercializing on a terrible life with celebrity parents. Give us a break! Let’s hear from the ones that appreciate and respect their parents for the trials and sacrifices—and, yes, sometimes errors—we make. We’ve done our best, or at least tried.

Phyllis Nolan


Have the daughters of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford welcomed Patti Davis-Reagan to their club “Spite and Jealousy” yet? She’s eligible!

Irene D. Wood

Prosser, Wash.

What is obvious is that nobody would have ever heard of Patti Davis if she were not the daughter of a famous couple. Nobody would put her on the cover of magazines, listen to her opinions, publish her books or read them. To make a career of cashing in on one’s parents is one thing, but what can you say about a woman who would go so far as to accept an award from Ms. magazine solely for criticizing her father?

Cathy Bryant

Richmond, Calif.

Jeff Hayden

Now Ken Hayden’s parents are calling for psychological exams for all concerned! Where were they with their bright ideas when Hayden was preparing to kidnap his 2-year-old son and drag him from state to state in the back of a camper? Didn’t it occur to them that their out-of-work, overweight, depressed, distraught and obsessed son (who allegedly molested his own 12-year-old daughter) desperately required psychological help? Perhaps if they had seen Hayden for what he was and had not aided, abetted and condoned the abduction, this tragedy need never have occurred. I, for one, would hate to see these people ever get their hands on Jeff—even if, by some miracle, they were able to pass a psychological exam!

Marianne McKee Arieli

Los Angeles

Whereas I don’t condone murder, I can’t help but question who started the emotional war between Judy McLean and Ken Hayden. Too often women are getting away with denying the ex-husband visitation rights granted to him by the courts. Courts go after deadbeat dads; why not wives who are guilty of disobeying the law? Men have emotional ties to their children just as much as women do. Only when fairness is given to both the ex-husband and the ex-wife will this and other related violent crimes stop. Until then the victims in the middle—the children—tend to suffer the most.

Wanda Goodknight

Placentia, Calif.

Martha Chaffee Canfield

Thank you, Martha Canfield, for your heartwarming story. The feelings and thoughts you had are the very same for many people. We may not have lost our loved ones in such an honorable way, but the same problems and doubts pass through us all. You’ve made me realize things in a different perspective and I’m sure helped others, too.

Teresa Tremain-Letz

Canoga Park, Calif.

Fred the Cat

I like to think of myself as an animal lover and as a loving mother to my son, Ben, a 5-year-old bibliophile, an ardent librarygoer and an asthmatic with allergies to dogs and cats. Ben is unable to visit the homes of pet-owning friends. Removing the animal to another room is no solution: The allergens remain in carpeting, furnishings and ventilation systems. Fred seems a most charming feline, but she poses a very serious health threat to allergic and asthmatic people. If Ben, like Phyllis Delaney, were forced to avoid our public library, it would be a jolting disappointment to a child who has already had to forgo birthday parties and other important childhood functions where the presence of cats and dogs would be dangerous to his health.

Denise Petro

Shaker Heights, Ohio

Thank heavens the phobia of one self-concerned person has not been allowed to outweigh the pleasure Fred has given to children and adults alike during her working years at the Woodbury Library.

JoAn Edwards

Shepherdstown, W.Va.


I think it is disgusting to stereotype every man named Herb as a nerd. This is exactly what the Burger King commercials are doing. I happen to know at least half a dozen men named Herb who are well liked, highly respectable, professional and successful businessmen. While I know that everyone named Herb cannot sue Burger King for their smear campaign, I do know that I can personally boycott the restaurant and petition all of my family and friends to do the same.

Christine M. Propheter

Sterling, Ill.

TV Sweethearts

Thank you for bringing innocent romance to the attention of your readers. It’s pleasant to know that the TV audience can use its imagination instead of being constantly reminded of the lust and sex in the bedroom. And what better sweethearts than Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan! This is the kind of romance the whole family can watch and not be embarrassed.

Georgia G. Haramis

Millbrae, Calif.