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July 22, 1985 12:00 PM

Great Goonies

“Money changes everything”—except (thank goodness) Cyndi Lauper! She’s still crazy, sweet and lovable (PEOPLE, July 1). Once you get over the visual shock, you realize there’s more to this talented lady than the surface glitz. She has a great message for kids and adults alike. Be yourself, never give up when things get tough and by believing in yourself you can accomplish anything. Cyndi was right when she said, “There’s a little bit of goonie in all of us,” and as for Cyndi, she’s good enough!

Debbie Zdobinski

Parsippany, N.J.

I think your article on “Great Goonies” made a very important statement. Being a teenager with many insecure friends, I think something that all kids should know is that you do not have to be good looking and popular to be a talented and wonderful person.

Wendy Shanker

West Bloomfield, Mich.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

I was involved with Church Universal and Triumphant in the late 1970s. At my first conference I had the feeling I had met many of the people there before, as though they were old friends. When I began reading the published teachings, my heart hummed with discovery, and I knew I had found the spiritual answers I had been seeking. Although I have since drifted far away from the church and community at Camelot, I shall always treasure the purity, joy and dedication I found there. How can I not help but love and respect Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who brought so much wisdom and warmth into my life? I believe your article does her and those whom she represents a great disservice.

Thomas Aring

Toledo, Ohio

I am very disappointed that you have taken the lies of an angry ex-husband and tried to discredit a very respected church. There are thousands of members all over the world who have studied the teachings of Christ for years and know of the integrity of the church. And yet you have given the spotlight to an angry ex who happens to be in it for the money and publicity. Well, Mr. King, a word of wisdom: “We come to earth to balance bad karma, not create it.”

Peggy Hans

Elyria, Ohio

After reading your article concerning Elizabeth Prophet and her followers, I became completely disgusted. If grown adults are so stupid as to follow this woman and her asinine church, they deserve to lose everything they’ve worked hard for all their lives. They may laugh thinking they’ve found salvation with God, but she’ll laugh all the way to the bank. Good for Mr. King. I hope he gets all he’s suing for, and maybe some eyes finally will be opened.

Mary Lou Pythewski

Brigantine, N.J.

Paulina Porizkova

Where would Paulina (“Modeling sucks anyway”) Porizkova be if it weren’t for modeling? She should enjoy it while she can before they retire her to write her children’s books. I’m sure with the fame she received from modeling she will sell plenty! How dare she bite the hands that feed her $3,500 a day!

Margaret Stutchbury

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Your article on Paulina Porizkova leaves a sour taste in my mouth. She may be wowing the modeling world, but in my book her wow fizzled out when she opened her mouth. After reading about her I’ll make it a point not to buy any products that she is featured in.

Sheila Quintis

Prince Frederick, Md.

Times Beach

Bravo for Lorene and George Klein for taking a stand and deciding to remain in Times Beach, the town they’ve called home for 43 years. If we were to up and run every time someone discovers something that is considered dangerous or hazardous, we would all be better off buying mobile homes and living like modern day nomads in search of the ultimate “safe” place to live. Between the pollution, smog, toxic fumes, crime rates and natural disasters that plague our entire country, where is “safe”? Taking a firm stand may seem foolish to others, but in my eyes it brings out that “stand up and fight” attitude that made Americans unique throughout history and that keeps us as special as we are.

Karen Meyer

New York City

Lorene and George Klein are two foolish people. They are the only people still living in contaminated conditions in the town and will not leave until the government pays them a “fair price” for their home. Isn’t life more important than $23,000? Last time I checked there wasn’t a price tag on the value of human life.

Jennifer Marie Copeland

Hyannis, Mass.

Picks & Pans

Apparently Scot Haller, who reviewed St. Elmo’s Fire, has forgotten what it’s like to be the age of the characters. As an actress, classically trained, I admire and respect the performances in the film—particularly Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson, who Mr. Haller calls “conspicuously mediocre.” In acting, the most important thing is to show it in your eyes and feel it too. Mr. Nelson accomplishes this like few other actors in any generation.

Heidi Lynne

Hamden, Conn.


If any of the people who are critical of Patti Frustaci for using a fertility drug knew the agony of wanting a baby and not being able to have one, then he would understand her decision to use Pergonal. If my doctor told me that the only way I could get pregnant was to take Pergonal, you can be sure I would take the risk of multiple births. I would take any drug or have any procedure done with the hope that one day I can have the child that I want to have. Ask any infertility patient if she understands Patti Frustaci’s use of Pergonal, and I’m sure she will tell you she agrees with her decision. I do!

Leah Holley

Covington, Ky.

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