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Barbara Stanwyck

Finally an article, let alone the cover, on the legendary Barbara Stanwyck (PEOPLE, Nov. 25). Her never-ending beauty and charisma thrill a myriad of fans, even in the 1980s. Watch out, Joan Collins!

Frank Farmer Loomis IV


Barbara Stanwyck’s classiest performance had to be when she accepted her Emmy for The Thorn Birds. She thanked everyone for the honor and then announced that she wanted to recognize Ann-Margret [her rival] for her wonderful role in Who Will Love My Children? That was more of an honor for Ann-Margret than winning the Emmy itself. Now, that’s class.

Chris Gaynor


I have greatly enjoyed this “broad’s” performances in the past and more recently in The Thorn Birds, and if she flubbed her lines while stroking Richard Chamberlain’s chest, who can blame her?

Helene Vernaci

St. Louis

Marc Christian

After reading the article on Marc Christian’s lawsuit against Rock Hudson’s estate, I am appalled to think that anyone would knowingly expose an unsuspecting friend or lover to a deadly, communicable disease like AIDS. Such behavior goes beyond selfishness and cruelty, making us once again question man’s inhumanity to man. If Christian’s allegations are true, what a sad way for another celluloid hero to tumble from his pedestal.

Carol Fox

Tarzana, Calif.

I am an emotional woman who cries hearing When You Wish Upon a Star; such was not the case after reading Marc Christian’s dilemma. I understand his fear and outrage at not being informed by Rock Hudson about his AIDS. However, as an intelligent person, he must have been living on another planet. Didn’t he wonder just once if the possibility existed? Perhaps the only redeeming facet of the lawsuit is that Mr. Christian stated, “It’s not the money that’s important to me.” It will be interesting to see if a settlement is awarded and whether the money goes to urgently needed AIDS research or into his pocket.

Patricia Tyrakowski

Orland Park, Ill.

Junior “Refrigerators”

How very tragic that obesity is now being glorified, thanks to the celebrity status being afforded William “Refrigerator” Perry. This can only bode badly for the condition of future athletes, many of whom will never be inspired to stay fit when staying fat brings more attention and money. Pity the poor coaches who try to get athletes’ weights down. Pity the poor athletes who are endangering their health by thinking fat is beautiful (and lucrative).

Judy McKeown

Hanover, N.H.

Hamilton Jordan

I was reading the article and burst out laughing when Hamilton Jordan described the chemotherapy side effects. I related because I am going through the same thing and know someone is sharing this with me. The hardest part of chemo for me is dealing with the way I look. But, like Mr. Jordan, I’ll make it. I work, swim, keep my family going, and have a super support system. My last treatment is on Christmas Day. I wish Mr. Jordan well—and all the rest of the fighters!

Helen Moore

Goldens Bridge, N.Y.


Someone should censor Senior Writer John Stark. Remarking on the misfortunes of actress Judy Carne, he wrote that she “took a nosedive with her life and career,” and proceeded to lump a lesbian relationship together with heroin and a broken neck. Your readers deserve more informed journalism, and gay women deserve more respect. John, in the words of Joan Rivers, “Oh, grow up!”

Debra L. David

Richmond, Va.