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Jacqueline Bisset

In your cover story on Jacqueline Bisset (PEOPLE, April 1), she wonders, “What if I become boring?” I reply, “Too late, Jackie.”

Charlotte Farrell

San Antonio

I knew Jacqueline Bisset was a class act despite the fact that she did not always use good judgment in choosing roles. She has proved she can act: Her portrayal of Anna Karenina was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.

Paula Scalice

Dumont, N.J.

Joel Jackson

Reading about the reunion of Joel Jackson and his father, I began to cry. My parents divorced when I was young, and my father, also from a split family, decided it was better to disappear than turn my sisters’ and my lives into a parental tug-of-war. I kept telling myself that one day I would meet him again. That day came in the fall of 1979. I was talking to my mother on the phone and just as we were about to hang up, out of the blue, I heard, “Tami, I talked to your father today.” I was shocked! She had found out where he was living and called him up. Soon I received a five-page letter from my father with instructions to call him the moment the letter arrived. Apprehensively, I called on a Sunday morning and was greeted by a cheerful “Good morning” at the other end. I asked for my father by name, and the cheerful voice asked who was calling. I froze! I chose to identify myself with my full name. Silence. “One moment, please.” The next thing I heard was, “Hello, Sunshine! How’s my little girl?” My heart was so high in my throat I couldn’t talk. Once I gained composure, we chatted and arranged to see each other the next weekend. I was on such a high that week I couldn’t sit still. I was full of mixed emotions. “Would he like me? How do I act?” The big question was, “Could I accept him after he ‘abandoned’ me?” Once the initial awkwardness wore off, it was as if we’d never been separated. That was more than five years ago, and to this day my father and I have a loving, understanding friendship that I cherish.

Tami Little

Rolling Meadows, Ill.


It’s great that U2 is finally being recognized by major magazines and not just by rock publications. The group packs energy, meaning and enthusiasm into every song, every word. They are really special—how many groups sing about Martin Luther King Jr., pride and peace rather than sex and violence? They have something to say, and they manage to say it so that lots of people want to listen.

Jarrett A. Lobell

New York City


I was in Nam in 1970 with Echo Co., 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division. On Sept. 26, 1970 I was injured by a booby trap, lost both legs and was flown home, not knowing if my buddies even knew that I had made it. Please publish the enclosed picture so that any of my friends who see it can get hold of me.

Gus Guillen

Roseburg, Oreg.

Friends can write to Gus at 441 Handy Dr., Roseburg, Oreg. 97470.—ED

Lash LaRue

Dressed in black and flashing his crooked smile, Lash LaRue exuded more sex appeal completely clothed than the hunks of today do stark naked. I fell in love with him when I was only 10. Thanks for the article.

Gail Grant

Largo, Fla.

In the summer of 1948, when I was 14, I was stricken with polio and spent three months in the Crippled Children’s Hospital in Phoenix. Hospital aides put hot packs on me all day, even though the outdoor temperature was over 100°F. One day a cowboy dressed in black, carrying a bullwhip, visited us kids. Even though it’s been 36 years, I would like to thank Lash LaRue for cheering us up when we really needed it. He was the only celebrity who came to entertain us. I was delighted to read that he is having a run of good luck and is back in the movies.

Carlton L. Smith

Harvard, Mass.

Wheel of Fortune

Are you so hungry for controversy that you have to make journalistic mountains out of molehills? Wheel of Fortune is a nice, entertaining show, hurting no one and quite obviously lifting a hefty 42 million hearts. Host Pat Sajak is an exceedingly witty, clever, warm and handsome man. Pull in your claws, PEOPLE, and let America sit back, relax and have what it wants.

Anne Barnes

Garden Grove, Calif.

Robert Hutyra

I was touched by your article on the Hutyra family, who had the daring to escape from Czechoslovakia by balloon. Such courage and determination are impressive. I hope that everyone was reminded, as I was, how precious it is to have freedom. Best of luck to the Hutyras in their new life here.

Kathryn Jamras

Port Jefferson Station, N.Y.

Gio Hernandez

Not only have I never sat in Gio Hernandez’ barber chair (PEOPLE, March 18), I have never met the man. All I know is he keeps using my name to promote himself. Your article makes it clear he’s hustling just about everybody. Let’s not let it be you…or me.

Robert Redford

Nairobi, Kenya