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February 13, 1984 12:00 PM


Your stories on Cher (PEOPLE, Jan. 23) are always refreshing and honest. Not enough people realize that she is a sincere, spontaneous, down-to-earth person and a dedicated mother. She has always admitted her mistakes and then bounced back, stronger than ever.

Stephen F. Gargano

Mechanicville, N.Y.

How can Cher call herself “one of God’s favorite children” when she uses the language she does and changes boyfriends like other people change their underwear?

Julia C. McWhorter

Bremen, Ga.

Cher’s talent has always been a time bomb waiting to go off. In the early days, almost nobody took her seriously. But we’ve seen her grow from a bell-bottomed hippie into a glamorous Las Vegas show queen and then a fine actress on the legitimate stage. Now she has exploded on the silver screen in Silkwood, earning respect from the toughest critics.

Javier R. Ozuna

Glendale, Calif.

If Cher believes her statement “I love comedy but serious is closer to who I am,” then I suggest a hairstyle more befitting than the one on your cover. Perhaps a trip to the hairdresser rather than the electrician?

A. Love


In 1977 I tried everything to convince Hollywood backers that Cher was the person to play the part of Amanda in the screenplay I wrote based on Tom Robbins’ best-selling novel Another Roadside Attraction. They laughed me out of every office, and the project was eventually dropped. So thanks, Cher, for providing me with a belated but satisfying last laugh.

Hollie T. Davies

Irvine, Calif.

Michael Jackson

Your letter writer said that it sickened her to read that Michael Jackson is a Jehovah’s Witness. Well, it sickened me to read her criticism of his religious beliefs. None of us has any way of knowing how many doors Mr. Jackson has knocked on or how many pages of the Bible he has read—nor should it matter. If you as a Witness knock on five doors and I as a Witness knock on six, am I really better than you in the eyes of God? To the best of my knowledge, spreading the “good news of the kingdom,” will bring paradise back to the world and happiness and love back to its inhabitants. Regardless of his religious views, Mr. Jackson seems to be pursuing these goals. He reaches millions through his music, while setting a fine example for them in the way he lives. Who’s to say that it isn’t God’s plan for Michael Jackson to be who he is and to do exactly what he is doing?

Julie Simon

Washington, D.C.

Sorry, lady, Michael Jackson doesn’t need to go witnessing door to door. Right now Mr. J is very much in the public eye, and by not drinking, smoking or using drugs, he is setting a good example for the teenagers of America. Personally, I can’t take the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They come around every other week, bothering me when I’m trying to get ready for work, and they won’t take “no” for an answer, which I find very rude. I don’t mind talking with them, but at the crack of dawn? Also, there was a promising musician in this town, but when he joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they made him quit the band. They seem to think that any song, except a hymn, is sinful.

Name withheld

Fairbault, Minn.

Picks & Pans

I know I’m sticking my neck out. I know it isn’t fashionable to like Barry Manilow. Nonetheless, I tiptoed into a record store and purchased his Greatest Hits Vol. II. Granted I carried it home in a brown paper sack hidden under my coat, but when I got home and played it, I found it was well worth the risk. Mr. Novak’s review was much too cynical.

Kenda E. Davis

Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Everly Brothers

I became a fan of Don and Phil Everly when Bye Bye Love hit the charts in 1957 and have stayed with them through all their ups and downs and splits. These two are originals, true American artists, and I hope that their recent reunion is the beginning of a resurgence in their popularity, their music and their happiness.

Orin Kimball

New York City

The Curly Shuffle

“Lesser nitwits” my eye! Faced with the thankless task of filling in when his brother Curly was too sick to continue the act, Shemp Howard did a superb job. And Shemp’s shtick in the shorts beats The Curly Shuffle any day in the week. It’s about time Stooges fans gave Shemp a fair shake.

Gordon I. Kabowitz


Diana Ross

Diana Ross promised that she would donate the profits from her concert in Central Park to build a playground for the city. Even though she apparently made no profit on the concert, she kept her promise by digging into her own pocket just three days after PEOPLE appeared on the newsstand. Miss Ross did recognize her “legal and moral obligation”; both Mayor Koch and your reporters were too quick to judge. The Diana Ross Playground will make a lot of children happy. Diana has fulfilled her dream.

Hannah Stebbins

New York City

Perhaps there is something I failed to perceive, but, if the City of New York had to shell out $650,000 for security and maintenance at the Diana Ross concert so that she could donate $250,000 for a playground, why didn’t they just build it themselves in the first place? They would have been spared all the hassle and been ahead of the game by $400,000.

Carole Robins

Santa Barbara, Calif.

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