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George Foreman

Well, what do you know! Another black boxer up from the ghetto with an estranged wife and messy finances. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.

Merry Ann Dolowy


Foreman may know how to knock out a man, but does the oversized klutz have to get on an obviously straining pony to prove his “horsemanship”? Where’s the SPCA…where’s Doris Day…where’s mercy!

P. Wobber

San Francisco

The Ford Family

Your story on the Fords is the story of an American family. I hope the job they have taken on will not change them. God bless them all.

Wanda Jones

St. Louis

You have presented a fine article on President Ford’s family and his wife’s family. However, no mention is made as to the whereabouts today of his mother, Dorothy King Ford.

L.L. Hermansen

Metuchen, N.J.

She died in 1967.—ED.

I refute your arbitrary opinion that mail sent to Betty Ford concerning her stand on abortion is hate mail. Mail which is critical is not necessarily hateful. Such mail is probably the sincere desire of some persons to show how much Mrs. Ford’s liberal attitude on abortion distresses them, particularly since one of her sons is studying for the ministry.

Mrs. Bruno Clair

Magnolia, Ohio

Elton John

If Elton John wasn’t such an outstanding performer, I’d still have my other shoe. On Aug. 6 I was pushed, shoved, trampled, stepped on and lost a shoe while running to reach the Ticketron window to get my ticket for the Elton John concert. Thank you for your great article. He is No. 1.

Patricia Cioffi

Alhambra, Calif.

You say that Elton John lost 35 pounds in two weeks. Amazing! What are his dieting secrets?

Lorna Foran

Canyonville, Ore.

Elton John did it by playing tennis six hours a day with tennis coach Arthur Ashe in Miami temperatures hovering at 100°. But it took six weeks, not two. He has since lost even more on a carbohydrate-free diet.—ED.

Elton John was born 27 years ago, but when? Your article convinced me that he is a Sagittarius, but a friend says he’s definitely a Leo. Who is right?

Robbi Miner

Vancouver, Wash.

You’re both wrong. Elton John’s sign is Aries (birthday March 25). He doesn’t go in for astrology himself.—ED.


Your statement that I find the case of Jane Scherr “indefensible” is not correct. When I said “I would be outraged if anyone tried to protect me against decisions I made myself,” I was expressing an abstract opinion that where the parties to a male-female relationship agree between themselves not to marry, the state should not impose upon them the consequences of the marriage relationship which they chose not to enter into. It would be unprofessional for me to discuss my personal opinion as a woman with respect to another woman who is a party in a lawsuit in which I am the attorney for the other side.

Doris Brin Walker


Acupuncturist Sacks

Your account of Dr. Lester Sacks’ staple-in-the-ear treatment was very impressive. Has he tried it to cure alcoholics?

H. Williams

New Cumberland, W. Va.

Dr. Sacks has stapled alcoholics with “only fair” results (about 50%). Females do better than males (he doesn’t know why) and younger alcoholics do better than those over 50.—ED.

If Dr. Sacks is right and he is successful in “curing” heroin addicts, he will win my admiration. But right now it remains to be seen if acupuncture can block and eliminate the postaddiction syndrome of depression, anxiety, drug-craving and, usually, drug-seeking behavior, which often results in relapse and readdiction.

Robert Payne


“Acupuncture,” says Sacks, “must be followed by restoring the individual’s physical health plus supportive rehabilitation, including psychotherapy, if necessary. If you don’t have all three, forget it.”—ED.

Hospital Chef

“Creamy creamed sweetbreads” on a hospital menu! I want to be admitted immediately to Michael Reese Hospital. I’ll bet G. William Peffers’ kitchen is kept busy all week long turning out this particular item.

Harriet Garzero

Port Washington, N.Y.

Peffers reports that lobster tail filet, Rock Cornish game hen, prime ribs and strip steak are the favorites. His mother’s recipe for sweetbreads, he says sorrowfully, is one of the less popular items on the menu, though the recipe has made him famous in Chicago. Readers wishing a copy of it can write to Sweetbreads, c/o Mary-Cecile Kajunski, PEOPLE, Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, N.Y. 10020.—ED.


It was a little sad to see that picture of Nixon’s “completely irrelevant” wax head being carted off to Madame Tus-saud’s storeroom.

Anybody else in there to keep the poor guy company?

Marie Silvius

Lubbock, Texas

Now on the shelf with Nixon are, among others, Jackie O, Yuri Gagarin, Somerset Maugham, H.G. Wells, Peter Ustinov and Bernard Shaw.—ED.