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Muhammad Ali

So this wil be Ali’s last fight? Ali-lujah!

John Hamelin

Fort Myers, Fla.

The three greatest promoters of our time are Muhammad Ali, Evel Knievel and Bobby Riggs. Ali will laugh all the way to the bank after his defeat by Foreman; Evel will ride off the bank at Snake River Canyon right into motorcycle heaven; and Riggs, being the smartest of the three, will grow to a ripe old age.

Judy McKaughn

Hickory, N.C.

Let’s all pause for a moment in recognition of that brilliant photographer who managed to get Muhammad Ali’s head on just one page!

Leslie Diane Pryor


Tom Eagleton

I was pleased as punch to read of my favorite senator’s phoenixlike comeback. It’s too bad Tom Eagleton has no aspirations for the presidency—a damned shame in fact.

Sharon Krieger Kristie


If only the last administration had admitted to the need of psychiatric help, maybe this country would not have had to face all that turmoil.

Sara Kurtz

Kew Gardens, N.Y.

Senator Kennedy’s got it in ’76 if he wants it, and Senator Eagleton would be an inappropriate running mate (too similar in religion, nationality and wealthy family background). But if Kennedy doesn’t, those very Kennedy-esque qualities, plusa big win in Missouri this year, could make Eagleton an attractive alternative.

Kathleen Kelly


Contrary to your statement that this upcoming race is a “shoo-in” victory, Eagleton is in a fight for his political life. This race is a showdown between liberal Eagleton and his conservative opponent, former Rep. Tom Curtis, and Missouri voters are fed up with liberal thinking.

Timothy P. O’Herin

New Madrid, Mo.

Princess Carolina

I am writing to protest against your scandalous remarks concerning my daughter Caroline in your issue of July 29. Quite contrary to your report, my daughter is an excellent student and not only passed her French Baccalauréat with “Mention Bien” but completed last year, after two years’ study in England, three Advanced levels and one Scholarship level for the Oxford Board GCE. I doubt that there are many young girls of her age who have achieved these remarkable results. One does not obtain such a success without a lot of hard work, which means she obviously did not have the time to attend all of the openings and parties that you refer to in your article.

Grace de Monaco

Palais de Monaco

Newport Scene

Howard J. Cushing Jr. can’t be serious about taking three passengers on his motorbike. That would be against the law in California.

Linda Durrant

Sunnyvale, Calif.

One passenger is also the limit on public roads in Rhode Island, but since Cushing was riding inside the Cushing compound, he was not breaking the law.—ED.

Romy Schneider

There are at least six disparaging remarks in this issue about “age, aged, aging” when those terms are used as adjectives. But the height of hilarity was the description of Romy Schneider, age 35, as an “aging Austrian sex kitten.” Who in hell writes that stuff? Is he or she over 20?

J. Zumba


That caption was written by a 26-yea-old unmarried male.—ED.

Anita Loos

It was such a pleasure to read your article on the charming Anita Loos. She is so frankly honest and sensible that it makes me wish plain old talk would return and replace all the furrowed-brow psychological garbage that is so freely flung everywhere today.

George R. Becker

Sherman Oaks, Calif.

William S. Paley

I deny having made the comments attributed to me in Chatter on the basis of an “eavesdropped observation,” which read, in part: “There are Watergates in practically every major business enterprise at corporate level . . .” Not only were the observations not mine, they do not remotely represent my views. I do not consider corruption commonplace in either business or government, and should this ever become the case, I believe that the whole fabric and structure of our society would be destroyed.

William S. Paley

Chairman, CBS Inc.

Gordon Lightfoot

One question: Can’t a singer be considered a superstar without the recognition of the American public? Canadians have been listening to and loving Gordon Lightfoot’s music for years. His superstardom is not so sudden and he is not a “new star.”

Debbie Richard

Kingston, Ont.

Governor Marvin Mandel

What can one say about a man who lets the public know, before his wife, of an impending divorce? Only that he deserves a wife who says, “I got the best years. . .” as though he were a piece of land, strip-mined bare. Governor and Mrs. Marvin Mandel didn’t need a divorce to end their marriage. It obviously ended long ago.

Mary K. Shannahan


I loved Barbara Mandel’s line,” I got the best years of Marvin Mandel.” Beautiful! As long as the middle-aged male ego requires constant reinforcement (in the form of pretty young things), middle-aged wives will have to reinforce their own egos. It’s a fact of life!

Maggie Taylor


George C. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Scott did cause something of a stir in our “little” town, but we can assure you that they did not stir up any dust. Perhaps people living in large polluted cities draw some consolation from the belief that small midwestern towns are still “dusty,” but as you can see in one of your photos, we even have paved streets now.

Gael D. Wood

Union, Mo.

Today’s Jim Hartz

Ah, smiling Jim Hartz. Who knows how long he can keep smiling now, as he tries to sneak a word in here and there.

Bill Bennett

Muskegon, Mich.

As for those “news-purists” who bumped themselves from final contention for the Today host job because of their unwillingness to do commercials: if I had to eat dog food it would be the brand that Jim Hartz advertises.

Faye Blalock


Magician Doug Henning

Too bad Doug Henning didn’t saw Barbara Walters’ mouth in half.

Donna M. Watkins

Waipahu, Hawaii

Lynn Caine Letters

Fie on your readers who begrudge Lynn Caine (Aug. 12)! I became a widow at the age of 27 one week after your article on her book. No amount of money will caress Lynn Caine at night, so what does it matter if Ms. Caine makes a few bucks? And although I probably read Widow too soon, she’s damned right about the loneliness.

Kathleen Sheldon

Lisle, III.