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Readers’ Poll

Thank you for the wonderful and informative Readers’ Poll (PEOPLE, April 19). I enjoyed it more than last year’s, but I say that every year! Congratulations on a job well done.

Angela High

Hampton, N.H.

I’m really sick of seeing Brooke Shields cut down in every magazine. She tries to stop people smoking, and she doesn’t receive any credit whatever. Eighty-three percent of men may not want to marry Brooke, but I’m sure she wouldn’t want to marry them either.

Cameron Smith

Fort Collins, Colo.

The readers’ choice of Stefanie Powers as favorite TV actress did not come as a “surprise” to me because I watch Hart to Hart every week. Together, Stefanie and Robert Wagner have made a great show. Television viewers enjoy watching a happily married couple whose lives are not falling apart, a nice change from Dallas, Knots Landing, Dynasty, etc.

Karina Van Veen


It amazes me that when someone like Tony Geary enters the limelight, we are so quick to chase after him like a pack of dogs. Then, after a while, we lose interest, and our lack of respect begins to show.

Toni-Françoise Lyons

Harrisburg, Pa.

How can a show like M*A*S*H appear on a list of the most boring shows when we have shows like Love Boat and Fantasy Island? America, where is your intelligence?

Phyllis Dennis

Charleston, S.C.

You ask, “Are you mad at Warren?” and the answer is, “Yes.” Ever since he started going out with the ugliest woman in Hollywood!

Annette Rios


When rating President Reagan’s intelligence, one must remember that half of being smart is knowing what you’re dumb at. Let’s give Mr. Reagan credit for assembling a staff whose strengths complement his weaknesses. This is the first time in years that we’ve had a President who doesn’t let his vanity overrule his common sense.

Pat Lowry

Oklahoma City

I just finished reading this week’s issue, and the Poll was interesting. But I’ve taken the magazine for five years and have never received a questionnaire to fill out. I feel that my opinions are just as important as other people’s. How is the Poll handled?

Mrs. Roy Hartzell

Barnard, Kans.

Although we wish that we could, we can’t afford to include every one of our estimated 25 million readers, including teenagers, in the Poll, but we do try to get an accurate reflection of your views. An independent research firm carefully selects 1,000 representative PEOPLE readers for phone interviews that last about half an hour.


Tax Defiers

I do not intend to pay taxes until the laws are made equitable for all. Ten percent off the gross all across the board would eliminate the need for an IRS bureaucracy that has become Gestapo-like in its tactics. They spend more and more time chasing us little fish while the megarich get away year after year using shelters and tax-deferred option plans.

Name Withheld

Concord, Calif.

I’m going to add a new category to your survey. As loser of the year, I vote for Bill Greene. This country seems to have been very kind to him, and he flouts this by telling us that “only fools pay taxes.”

Janet Ann Myers

Davenport, Iowa

Your article on “tax defiers” was a little misleading. Yes, they do sometimes go to jail, but this does not mean their arguments are without merit. The IRS spokeswoman’s statement that “eventually everyone gets caught” is simply a lie. Tax rebels who stick their necks out get caught. The millions of quiet evaders and nonfilers almost never get caught, which is why I remain—


Suffern, N.Y.

Boxcar Willie

Boxcar Willie may tip the scales at 245-plus, but it’s all heart. Thanks for recognizing another people’s choice.

Helen Armour Perrings

Carlinville, Fla.

Amy Carter

How very lucky Amy Carter is to have a father who was the President of the United States. At the age of 14 she is able to work as a page in the U.S. Senate. My son will be 16 in July but can’t get a job working in a local supermarket because they say he is too young.

Evelyn Schaffer

New York City

The office of the U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms says that pages must be at least 14 and no more than 17 at the time of appointment. Amy is not getting special treatment with respect to her age.


I had the wonderful experience of attending an after-school program sponsored by George Washington University with Amy. A very sharp, gifted and mature girl, she tried to befriend all of the class members. We missed her when she had to go back to Georgia. I am very happy that you wrote this article bringing out the real Amy and leaving behind the whining brat always portrayed on Saturday Night Live.

Lori Snyder

Washington, D.C.

Daniel Boorstin

I must say tsk-tsk to our nation’s librarian, Daniel Boorstin. I noticed in the photo of him in his den there is a bowl of popcorn beside his chair. Shame on you, Mr. Boorstin, don’t you know that greasy fingers damage book pages? I discard many books in my school library because “foody fingers” have permanently marked the pages.

Denise L. Hasson

Wilson School District

Reading, Pa.