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Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields (PEOPLE, August 10) is the most together woman around. She’s got it all. She’s bright, has a wonderful personality and, most of all, she’s beautiful. After reading your article, if people out there still put her down, it’s because they’re jealous and they know if they had the chance they would trade places in a minute!

Gina Cornelius

Placentia, Calif.

Isn’t that nice of Teri Shields to set her daughter up with John Travolta. Where was my mother when I needed her?

Barbara Lee Smith

Carlsbad, Calif.

Any mother who can push her child into the movies that Brooke has done needs help. If my daughter was going out with a man 11 years her senior, I’d call it anything but platonic. Being in a man’s hotel room until 3 a.m. does not usually mean checkers.

Margaret Hoffman

Boca Raton, Fla.

I can’t understand all the criticism leveled at Teri Shields over the way she raised her daughter. Brooke is an intelligent, mature girl who values an education and friendship and is opposed to smoking, drugs and promiscuous sex. I wonder if the mothers who fault Teri have been so fortunate with their daughters, and if they are expressing concern or showing jealousy.

Ryan Timms

Traverse City, Mich.

Reagan Leading Ladies

It was recently my good fortune to find myself in the wonderful and warm company of Patricia Neal and her family. Present at the time was her tall, charming, pipe-smoking 21-year-old son, Theo. True, he was the victim of an accident as an infant, but was not, as you reported, killed.

Myra Croog Langsam

Lawrence, N.Y.

PEOPLE regrets the error. We are pleased to note that Theo is alive and living in England.—ED.

What does Dorothy Malone expect President Reagan to accomplish in the short time he has been in office? Can he just wave a magic wand and turn the United States into a Utopia? Put the blame for the mess our country is in where it belongs: on Jimmy Carter, his Administration and on the liberals who have been running the country for years. I agree with Virginia Mayo, who says Reagan “is doing marvelously”—the best any President has done in my lifetime (I’m 57).

Laurence M. Beyer

Mineral Wells, Texas

Thank you for the lovely photograph of Dorothy Malone. I miss her.

Skip Anders

Columbus, Ohio

Birth Order

I found your interview with Bradford Wilson fascinating and uncannily correct—almost. I am the youngest of six children, and all but one of my siblings and myself are well over 10 years apart. My relationship with them has never been that of parent and child (even though my eldest brother is 18 years older than myself), and I have never felt like an only child.

Laura F. Pryts

Ashland, Oreg.

George Meegan

I was infuriated when I read the story about the modern-day Marco Polo, George Meegan. Instead of staying home and helping his wife out with the “hard work” of raising children, he must fulfill some inner need to make his mark in the world by walking across the continents! Marco Polo—hardly. I see him as a modern-day selfish, egotistical man who can’t face the responsibility of raising a family.

Sherry Rountree

Reidsville, N.C.

In this rat-race world, I’m glad to know there’s at least one person left who has within him enough adventure and guts to live a dream. Go for it, George Meegan!

Lana Anderson

Lake Coleman, Texas

Can you please tell me how I can send a small donation to George Meegan to help his expedition along? I am so impressed by this man’s determination.

Mary Fanara

Rockford, Ill.

Readers may send any donations for Meegan c/o John Muir, 206 St. John’s Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217.—ED.

Mother Angelica

A few days after I read your article on Mother Angelica, I happened to come across her literature at a 4-H fair. If her TV program is anything like her printed message, then she already has one regular viewer lined up. She really comes across as being like one of us. How better to learn about the Lord than from somebody we can relate to?

Randy Blum

South Bend, Ind.

Russell Hoban

Thiss gi isists to rite like mi 7th grayd stuents isists. Luk owt perfessers yer in fer it. Woismi woismi woismi. Croc is a croc is a croc.

Kaye Benson

Pompano Beach, Fla.