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Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway is superb as Mommie Dearest (PEOPLE, Oct. 5). She is comparable only to the late, great Joan Crawford herself!

Eliana Rivera

Long Branch, N.J.

Miss Dunaway is a brilliant actress whom I admire, but I’m sure many people want to remember great screen personalities for the joy they gave us, and not for their personal torments.

Laura Maslowski

Bloomfield, N.J.

After staring for 10 minutes at Harry Benson’s photograph of Faye Dunaway with her mother, I called my own mother to tell her I love her. That was one of the most touching photographs I’ve ever seen.

Jeannie Knight

Oklahoma City

Mel and Norma Gabler

I am a 17-year-old high school student who can think of nothing more insulting than being told by someone what I can and cannot read. Censorship goes against the Constitution.

Susan Crowley

Scottsdale, Ariz.

The Gablers should be commended for their efforts to upgrade the moral attitudes of America. I admire their motives to “clean up” the textbooks that are being used to educate our children.

Mrs. Carol Dodds

Campbellsburg, Ind.

One-half of the state officials surveyed in a recent national censorship study reported that the Gablers had influenced textbook use in their areas. What that means is removal of textbooks deemed objectionable by them. This couple are the vanguard of a growing movement of self-appointed censors who are imperiling free speech and thought.

Anthony F. Podesta

Washington, D.C.

Agnes Nixon

The Manions of America is the best new show to come to nighttime TV in ages. Agnes Nixon is a genius! I loved the show, and I’ll bet a few million others did, too.

Jane Hewitt

Davison, Mich.

I have enjoyed Agnes Nixon’s work for years, but until now she was just another name in the credits. I find in your article that she is an admirable woman.

Linda Angell


How can you write an article about Agnes Nixon without mentioning that at the 1981 Daytime Emmy Awards, Mrs. Nixon was the recipient of the special Trustees Award? In addition to being in the excellent company of past winners Edward R. Murrow, William S. Paley and General Sarnoff, Mrs. Nixon scored three “firsts” with her award—the first given to a writer, a writer in daytime TV, and a woman.

Francine Scuderi

Ozone Park, N.Y.

Stevie Nicks

Your portrayal of Stevie Nicks not only as a performer with a hot band, Fleetwood Mac, but as a person like you and me is welcome.

Dianne Doonan

Tacoma, Wash.

Sterling Seagrave

The horror of T-2 is exceeded only by the certainty of its use in future wars. By stockpiling these poisons in every corner, we and the Russians are sealing our fate—and the destroyers will become the destroyed.

Julie Miller

New York City

Carleton Varney

I was amused to read in your story that Carleton Varney had designed the interior of the Sheraton-Waikiki Hotel here in Honolulu. I have never, ever seen such a ridiculous combination of excessively large jungle prints—and in plastic to boot. Our island architecture is far from the grass shacks some of you still believe it to be. We are quite cultured. Aloha.

Louise M. Fleming


Simon and Garfunkel

I traveled 12 hours by train to hear Simon and Garfunkel together again in Central Park. Wherever in the world their music reaches, there will be harmony and sweet comfort.

Cindy Murakami


Missing Children

We urge parents of missing children to register with the appropriate agency. If a parental kidnap is suspected, the custodial parent should contact Child Find, P.O. Box 277, New Paltz, N.Y. 12561. When parental kidnapping is not a factor, the parents should contact the Dee Scofield Awareness Program, Inc., 4418 Bay Court Avenue, Tampa, Fla. 33611. Both agencies will furnish a brochure or other information upon request.

Betty DiNova

Tampa, Fla.

Our nonprofit agency is devoted to finding stolen children, and any readers who know the anguish of losing a child in this manner are welcome to utilize our knowledge and network.

Robert B. Flanagan

Stolen Children

Information Exchange

Anaheim, Calif.

Couldn’t there be a telephone number of three digits or less, nationwide, for children who are missing? How can a child remember 800, plus seven digits? The phone companies make enough money. These children are their future.

Sharon Grimes

Baldwin Park, Calif.


In my article on King Adefunmi and his ersatz kingdom in South Carolina (PEOPLE, Oct. 12), the editors incorrectly identified his first wife, Jan De Vries, as the daughter of the humorist Peter De Vries. This is not the case.

Dolly Carlisle

Nashville, Tenn.

PEOPLE regrets the mistake.