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October 19, 1981 12:00 PM

Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar (PEOPLE, Sept. 28) is like your magazine. Both “hit me with their best shot” each and every time.

Dennis Mulligan

New York City

Rock finally has a star more concerned with producing great music than with selling out commercially. Benatar’s outlook on success ensures that her music will only get better in the years to come.

Doug Bowen

Westchester, Pa.

How dare Pat Benatar question Linda Ronstadt’s life? What does she mean when she says Ronstadt lives only for her career and has nothing? Linda Ronstadt is admired by millions of fans and is respected by her peers.

Edde Gartner

San Jose, Calif.

Thank you for the story on Pat Benatar. I enjoyed it so much that I subscribed the next day and am waiting to read more interesting articles.

Teresa Story

Riverdale, Ga.

That was a fantastic article on Pat Benatar. I stood about 10 feet from her at the Brendan Byrne Arena concert in East Rutherford, N.J. Enclosed is one of the front-row seat stubs to prove it. Sitting so close, I never thought I could come closer, and then I read your story.

Reynold Forman

Manalapan, N.J.

Johnny Bonds

I congratulate Johnny Bonds for not giving up on the investigation of the Wanstrath family murders. It’s a shame more cops aren’t given the opportunity to continue working on cases that might be solved, but there is such a shortage of homicide detectives that the most recent crime takes precedence. I know, because my 19-year-old sister was murdered in 1978 on her way home from work at Disney World. As long as my sister’s killer walks the streets, I will continue to do everything I can to help prosecute the murderer and continually remind the people involved about her case.

Steve Zellers

Orlando, Fla.

Dan Bailey

Any fisherman who’s worth his rod and reel will tell you that fly-fishing and “drop-the-worm-in-the-water” fishing are worlds apart. How strange then that Dan Bailey, the master of fly-tying, would also happen to have the best garden full of angleworms in Livingston, Mont. As a youngster, I spent many an evening in his lettuce, gladiolus and petunias, creeping on my knees, flashlight and coffee can in hand, catching those little critters for a local worm wholesaler. Mr. Bailey saw the irony in this and was always very cooperative about watering his yard so that the worms would come out each night for the neighborhood kids.

Colleen Roark


Rubik’s Cube

My son Andrew, age 7, discovered the easiest and most ingenious way of “doing the cube.” It does not involve taking it apart or manipulating the cube in any special way. Impossible? Give up? He simply peeled off the colored squares and stuck them back on in the appropriate positions.

L. Robert Morris


Bochco and Bosson

Steven Bochco and his actress wife Barbara Bosson are two of the most talented people involved in television. And Hill Street Blues is the finest show to hit the small screen since the early Lou Grant shows. I’m glad the Emmys gave credit where it was due.

Suzanne Combs

New York City

As much as I respect my partner in Hill Street Blues, Steven Bochco, attaching my ruggedly handsome face to his name is a violation of human dignity.

Michael Kozoll

Studio City, Calif.

Sorry for the mix-up.—ED.

Grace Metalious

I remember when I was a senior in high school in the fall of 1957 and Peyton Place was published in paperback. Even though we were threatened with expulsion if the teachers caught us reading this “torrid” book, my friends and I read it anyway. We would sit in study hall and cover it with one of our textbooks. How times have changed!

Joyce Downer Allen

Warren, Mich.

Picks & Pans

Your blurb on the Shaun Cassidy Special reads: “His fans will enjoy it if their parents let them stay up to watch it.” This kind of comment makes me sick. His fans are no longer 10 years old. Most of them are in their 20s, just like Shaun. We hardly need our parents’ permission to do anything anymore.

Mary K.M. Hanson

Laguna Hills, Calif.

Ronnie’s Boots

I have heard the story before that I, as PEOPLE put it, “nudged” Rex Allen into giving my husband some cowboy boots. Just to keep the record straight, I never suggested that Rex Allen give my husband anything. It was strictly his idea. In the interest of fairness I’m sure you would want to know this.

Mrs. Ronald Reagan

Washington, D.C.

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