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May 25, 1981 12:00 PM

Tanya Tucker & Glen Campbell

Just in case Glen doesn’t know, maybe we should tell him what an April breeze Tanya is to his September career (PEOPLE, May 4).

Betty Stow

Canton, Mo.

There really is a God! I have been hoping Glen Campbell would drop that “rhinestone” Tanya Tucker and find a true diamond to share his future with. I will give Tanya the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps her pre-sumptuousness is in fact hiding her own insecurity.

Helen Husby

Everett, Wash.

For several years now I have been a faithful fan of Tanya Tucker and also of Glen Campbell. They are both fabulous singers. I hope they get back together because, besides just being a great couple, they make beautiful music together.

Bonita Dyer

Plymouth, Mich.

Tanya and Glen are twanging together—at least for the moment. A contrite Tucker recently flew to London for a weekend with her touring Rhinestone Cowboy. An exuberant Campbell told a reporter that the relationship was “definitely on again. We’re planning a big wedding on Valentine’s Day next year.”—ED.

Teenage Pregnancy

I have just read your article on teenage pregnancies and heartily disagree with the whole thing! I don’t think our schools need more sex education. I certainly don’t think our teenagers should be given contraceptives. I am of the old school and believe they should be taught not to sleep around. I think we, as parents, have to teach our children good moral values and not just tell them to be careful and don’t get pregnant.

Pat Benway

Glens Falls, N.Y.

Your article on teen pregnancy was outstanding and it should be published in every teen magazine on the market. It brought back thousands of traumatic times. I was a teenage mother. Every paragraph was like reading my life story. After seven years of hell my son and I finally have a stable life. We are a small number. Those kids have no idea what they are up against. Tell it to them straight!

Susie Cooper Jensen

Tempe, Ariz.

I agree with your article that there isn’t enough information on teenage sex. School doesn’t help and you can’t learn from your peers what they don’t know. I’ve met some adults that you can talk to about sex openly, but then there are the ones who clam up when you even mention the word sex. I’m not blaming anyone, it’s just the way they were brought up. All I’m asking is that someone tell us about sex from beginning to end. Give it to us straight and blunt. Take it from a teenager: We can handle it.

Christine Lauckner

Macungie, Pa.

Terri Gibbs

I watched Terri Gibbs on the Country Music Awards and was very impressed. When she received the Most Promising Female Vocalist award I had tears in my eyes. Good luck to such a determined young lady.

R. Moses

Nespelem, Wash.

B.T. Collins

B.T. Collins’ California Conservation Corps is an excellent but not a unique program. It is a sister program of a much larger federal program, the Young Adult Conservation Corps. Legislated in 1976, the YACC accomplishes tremendous things through planning and hard work. The program has succeeded in returning more than a dollar for every dollar invested. However, unlike the CCC, we are endangered by Mr. Reagan’s proposed budget. He would do well to look at his home state and figure out why California is planning a sevenfold increase for the program he wants to eliminate. Must be that hard work, low pay and discipline are not what he wants.

Jayne McLaughlin

Salamanca, N.Y.

Hostages’ Reunion

In every newspaper and magazine lately all I see are the hostages. But just think about all the men who went to Vietnam to serve their country. What did they get when they came home? Nothing. People did not even want to talk to us. Now they’re trying to cut back the veterans’ benefits and hospital care. We did not ask to go over there, but we did go and we did what was asked of us. I’m awfully tired of hearing about the hostages.

Larry Nelson

Flint, Mich.

Picks & Pans

I must disagree with your review of Excalibur. You made it sound like nothing but a lot of kinky sex and violence. I actually considered not seeing the movie. What a treat I would have missed!

Toni M. Baus

Riverside, Calif.

James Clavell

Hurray for James Clavell and his Noble House. I left Hong Kong after three years of living in an atmosphere charged with intrigue, excitement, curiosity and elegance of a difficult-to-define nature. The essence of Hong Kong will tantalize me forever. I will read Noble House happily.

Nann Tyler

Birmingham, Mich.

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