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August 18, 1980 12:00 PM

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is definitely one of the most talented and dedicated dramatic actors of today (PEOPLE, July 28). Granted, Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Shining is “audacious,” but Nicholson gives such a performance he makes it worthwhile.

Alice Stanton


Jack Nicholson “has never literally tried ladykilling until The Shining.” This is, of course, not true, since in the hilarious 1975 film The Fortune Mr. Nicholson, aided and abetted by Warren Beatty, tried to kill Stockard Channing.

Debora L. Green

Frederick, Md.

Dear Jack,

Drugs “ain’t no big thing”? Maybe not in your home. With love and hope,

Carol Burnett

Beverly Hills

We thought your article on Jack Nicholson was nicely done, so we hope we won’t offend you by correcting you. It was Jack’s grandfather who was an alcoholic, not his father. Jack’s father is a charming man who owns a beauty parlor and raises and races horses. Also, it was Jack’s grandmother Ethel May, not his mother, who raised him. It was his mother, June, whom Jack went to visit in California after high school. She was an Earl Carroll showgirl.

Arthur and Blanche Wertzel

Ocean Grove, N.J.

Skipper Buckley

I very much enjoyed William F. Buckley Jr.’s escapades in sailing the Atlantic. But I wonder how accurate his celestial navigation could have been, since he was not aware the 71-foot Sealestial was a yawl, not a ketch.

Patti Policastro Howe

Aboard the sloop Rowdy

Sea Bright, N.J.

Buckley answers: “One can reply to Ms. Howe a priori (a ketch’s aftermast rises forward of the aft waterline as in Sealestial) or a posteriori (my celestial navigation was adequately accurate to lead me to PEOPLE’s editorial desk—and back to the heart of controversy).”—ED.

Bill Buckley’s article on his odyssey was terrific, but who’s gonna do it for the liberal cause? The way I figure it, if Art Buchwald and Ben Bradlee rented a speedboat in Miami and set a northern course, they might make the Cape Cod lighthouse by Christmas. Come on, Art, the liberals need you.

Jim White

Pelham, Ala.

Lipps Inc.

I’m a rock deejay, and most of my listeners regard Lipps Inc.’s Funkytown as disco’s last stand. People are about as fed up with reading about disco as they are with hearing it. So let’s have more about rock’n’roll.

Doug Peschka


Hays, Kans.

Sally Smith

As a member of the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities, past president of the Williamsburg Area Chapter of ACLD and mother of a learning-disabled child, I want to thank you for your article on dyslexia. One of the hardest things for a parent is to convince your child that he is not “dumb” because he is smart enough to realize that he is not like the other children. The next hardest thing is telling the community you live in that you have an LD child, as the community at large does not understand that LD is not retardation.

A. Christine Pearson


Xavier Cugat

Cugat’s latest Latin lovely bristles at his possessiveness and protests that at 24 she’s not attracted to him “that way.” Golly, Cugie should get something for his money, or maybe Yvonne would rather go to work.

Jo Ann Brett

Carlsbad, Calif.

Harold Takooshian

Bravo for Professor Takooshian and his study of witness apathy. When I described collaring a drunk who had kicked the window out of a moving subway train, the usual response was, “He could have had a gun or a knife.” Of course you’re in danger when you act directly, even indirectly. But what good is being alive if we deplete the quality of life itself with our cowardice or apathy?

Norman Green

New York City

How can a citizen be expected to get involved when he notifies “Our City’s Finest” that two Tuesdays in a row he has witnessed an exchange of a “newspaper package” and money in a park during his lunch hour (everyone knows drugs don’t come gift-wrapped). The witness gives his name, all pertinent information, and a promise to notify the police should “they” return the following Tuesday. Midway during that next transaction, our “men in blue” arrive only to question ME, check MY ID, give MY car the once-over and verify MY employment. All the while, the “purchase” is completed without “the bad guys” even getting a second glance. Yes, professor, there is a correlation between citizen involvement and respect for their local police departments.

T. Espinoza

Van Nuys, Calif.

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