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Liz & John

Seeing Elizabeth Taylor, America’s greatest film star, looking ravishing and in shape again was enough to make anyone rejoice (PEOPLE, Oct. 20). Welcome back, gorgeous!

Ali Momtaz

New York City

Senator Warner may not support the “women’s movement” per se but, as your interview points up, he is a strong advocate of women moving onward and upward. He possesses candor, dedication to duty, gentlemanly charm and a first-rate sense of humor. The country, let alone Elizabeth Taylor, is fortunate to have him around.

Mindyl Gaynor

Los Angeles

Let people of goodwill rejoice with Liz and John. Those of us who love her hope nothing will go wrong. But incurable romantics like myself remember Elizabeth’s words of yore: “Richard and I are stuck together like chicken feathers to tar.”

Alexandra Mark

Brookline, Mass.

James Cook

I’m delighted that I’ve moved (from Canada) to a state that actually encourages divorcing parents to hang in there as responsible co-parents for their children. James Cook is right. Joint custody works. Now we can put our energy and resources into our children instead of wasting it on single-custody-encouraged squabbles.

Richard H. Gatley

Napa, Calif.

From day one of my divorce I had one goal, which was to provide a stable base of support for my children. A year later they are thriving, functioning at a high level and seeing a great deal of their father. Children living through the shattering experience that a broken home brings certainly don’t need the instability of joint custody. What a step in reverse! Better for whom? Certainly not the children.

Kathlene Andersen

St. Cloud, Minn.

Chipmunk Punk

Your article brought back such fond memories of those lovable rodents Alvin, Simon and Theodore. With their comeback LP and ’80s look, they will in no time be rolling in nuts, touring, making films and endorsing a line of designer jeans.

A. Munro

Mississauga, Ont.

Mary Cunningham

Has anyone thought of checking Bendix’s competitors? They probably wish they had started the rumors so they could hire Ms. Cunningham’s capabilities. How sad to think that women in America have come such a long way just to start all over again.

Eileen Fergen


To Mary Cunningham, late of Bendix: Remember that equality is not when a competent woman gets promoted but when an incompetent woman moves up as fast as an incompetent man.

John T. Magary

Royal Oak, Mich.

Monica Barnes

I appreciate the article about Monica Barnes’ archeological discovery in Peru. I am in no position to finance an expedition, but I would like to offer a meager contribution. Those young archeologists and their staffs are making a contribution to all the world at great personal sacrifice. I was appalled by their diet. It would be a tragedy to lose their talent and knowledge, especially if they grew sick with malnutrition because of insufficient funding.

Betty Holt

Florence, Ala.

Steve McQueen

I had never heard of William Kelley, although I live in his hometown, until the story on Steve McQueen was released. I wish I had known this “unorthodox healer…of slim medical reputation” during the two years my mother suffered with cancer. She battled with orthodox institutions: labs poking, X-rays telling us how far the cancer had advanced, radiation therapy, chemotherapy. Nauseating, deteriorating and disorienting. Conventional drugs of codeine and morphine made her life a hallucination. You cannot convince me that the ways of our American institutions have any better chance than William Kelley of saving our loved ones.

Anita Judd

Arkansas City, Kans.

The issue here is not whether Kelley’s approach is valid or not. It goes far deeper, to that of freedom of choice. Health therapies must not be outlawed, but they should be controlled. If the powers that be disapprove of a certain medical theory, let them label it as they have cigarettes. The choice should remain ours.

Wendy Just

Los Angeles

Peter Criss

As a devoted Kiss fan, I reacted much the same as the fans Peter Criss mentioned when he made his exit from the group. But after reading your portrayal of this sensitive man, I found myself sympathizing with him. He was always my favorite, and after hearing that final, moving line on his solo album, I found myself as hooked as ever.

Velvet Cole

Bowling Green, Ky.

I think it’s wonderful that Peter Criss limits himself to target practice because he “doesn’t believe in shooting animals.” But how does he reconcile that with buying his wife a $100,000 lynx coat? Lynx is bobcat, which is a trapped animal. Does he think the furriers just wait for them to drop dead in the woods?

Jan Lord

Lisle, Ill.


I couldn’t believe it when I read that Muhammad Ali’s expenses run as high as $10,000 a day to support his lifestyle. Would he mind sleeping for four days and sending me the $40,000 he saves? I’d greatly appreciate it since I’m saving to go to college.

Dori Cohen

Oceanside, N.Y.