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Richard Chamberlain

Bravo! Your cover on Richard Chamberlain was the highest of the highs, the pièce de résistance (PEOPLE, Sept. 22). From Dr. Kildare to the spectular Shogun, Mr. Chamberlain has displayed himself as a most talented and accomplished professional.

Valerie J. Harris

Malvern, Pa.

Not usually a TV viewer, I was glued to the set all five nights of Shogun, and the following four evenings for Mr. Chamberlain’s tender portrayal of Alexander McKeag in Centennial. Your article brought out every aspect of the man I always suspected him to be: caring, devoted, totally dedicated to his work. Luckily for us all, it shows.

Kim White

Oklahoma City

Shogun was very moving and sometimes terrifying. Just by watching it, you kind of felt you were getting to know the Japanese people. Richard, what was it like to work with them?

Terri Davis

Eureka, Calif.

“Even with all that repression in Japan, “says Chamberlain, who himself prefers self-expression and airing his feelings, “you look in to people’s eyes and they are alive and full of energy and vitality. So it was working with them. ”


Abbie Hoffman

The Abbie Hoffman you wrote about was not the man I watched “come out,” a deep and serious man who even cried and who took the risk while underground to lead causes he believed in. He was honest about his book. Yes, he wants it to sell (so does everyone who writes a book). You wrote a bad joke about a serious episode.

R. Martin

Maynard, Mass.

There is something wrong, very wrong, in our country when the media not only make heroes out of our criminal element but make them wealthy in the process.

Joseph P. Magyar

Akron, Ohio

Christopher Cross

Living in the Southwest amidst honky-tonk bars and cowboy apparel, I was refreshed to find one of my favorite recording artists voicing the opinions of many Oklahomans and Texans. We don’t all watch Dallas and hang out at Gilley’s.

Jamie Townsend


Although I like Christopher Cross’ music, nothing sounds sillier than to say you hate where you live. The simple solution would be to move. Cowboys are not just found in Texas, and lots of Texans aren’t cowboys. If Cross doesn’t like Texas, we don’t want him. After all, he’s not our only claim to fame.

Kathleen Roark


Mayor Kevin White

As a Boston resident I get to see firsthand what the mayor is providing the city with. It is an escalating tax rate that is making it impossible for low-and moderate-income people to hold onto their homes, and at the same time making it easier for the Condominium Vultures to grab up Boston property on a large scale. If Kevin White had his way there would be no poor people in Boston.

Trudi Goodman

Roxbury, Mass.

Wanda Richert

It has been a long time since I have been so touched. Your article on Gower Champion and Wanda Richert was tender and sweet. To think that a man who’s dying could find, in the last months of his life, love and the energy to direct a Broadway show.

Mary Bennett

Oakland, Md.

Sarah Uzzell-Rindlaub

People who don’t watch or listen to the flight attendant’s safety demonstrations are foolish to think it couldn’t happen to them. And crawling around a pitch-black cabin filled with dense smoke is no time to start thinking about where the nearest exit is, or how it opens.

Carry-on baggage should be abolished except for the smallest purses or briefcases. As a flight attendant who has also made it through an accident and evacuation, I can tell you I cringe when I stand at the door and see everything from TVs to Aunt Betty’s hanging lamp coming down the jetway.

Wendi Olson

Los Angeles

This airline safety instructor is one terrific lady who cares what happens to people before, during and after a crash. Two years ago, after reading an article Sarah had written about what a surviving crew member goes through, I promptly found out where to reach her, and she has helped me tremendously. My crash was EAL #401 in the Everglades in 1972. I did return to flying but not with the same airline. Thank you for writing about a subject so many people want to ignore. Maybe someday we will be able to reach them.

Trudy Smith


I’ve flown a number of times, and I think I would feel more responsive to a 6’4″, 220-pound muscle man telling me what to do rather than a 5’4″ look-at-me-I’m-a-stewardess type. I imagine plenty of guys feel this way.

James Russell

Cedar Falls, Iowa

Ed Clark

Even your negatively slanted article on Ed Clark is better than nothing. However, the Libertarian platform is not “motley” and appealing to piecemeal interests. We “pesky” Libertarians will field over 500 candidates this year, all running on the same consistent platform for increasing individual freedom and reducing government. This platform may “confound extremists,” as you say, but it will appeal to many Americans who still think Thomas Jefferson and Tom Paine had the right idea about government.

Jerry Sklute

Chester, Va.

If mandatory public education is responsible for producing warped minds such as Ed Clark’s, then maybe we should consider doing away with it.

G. Westover