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Angie Dickinson

Out of the 51 PEOPLE covers on my walls, Angie Dickinson (Sept. 15) is one of my favorites. I saw Dressed to Kill, and to say she looks sensational is an understatement. Dickinson really is one of America’s most underrated actresses. Anyone who can still look great after doing a movie with Ronald Reagan has got to be doing something right!

Rod Durham


One might excuse Angie Dickinson’s role if she were uneducated regarding violent crimes against women in this country. However, I find it impossible to defend her when she says: “I would love to have seen my character, Kate Miller, get it in the throat. Kate is such a bore.” Disgusting!

Judith S. Winters


You didn’t ask Angie if she would want her 14-year-old daughter to see that movie.

Carol Gillespie

Portland, Oreg.

Dickinson replies: “Nikki didn’t want to see it because she doesn’t like horror movies. If it had been up to me I would have said no. However, because so many young teenagers have told me how much they loved the picture, if she now chooses to see it, I would have to realign my thinking.”


George Brett

As two left-field, general admission fans, we truly appreciate the article on George Brett of the Kansas City Royals. He came off sounding like the person he really is.

Debbie Lynch

Sharon Wendland

Gladstone, Mo.

Brett says, “A home run is better than being with a beautiful woman.” He admits serious relationships abruptly ended, and wonders whether the gals were interested in the athlete or the person. Well, kiddo, your answer is in your quote.

Dorothy R. Scarcella Sr.

Stamford, Conn.

Maggie Scarf

It is seldom I read a story that seems meant for me alone, but yours on Maggie Scarf read like my own profile. I am 33 years old, several times divorced, the mother of two beautiful little girls, and suffering from depression so deep that I sometimes feel I am going to lose my mind. Can’t you hear my sigh of relief to find I am not the only one? Knowing that maybe I’m not really marked for the nut house, I now intend to get help. Thank you, Maggie.

Name Withheld

Las Vegas

Brown & Cornelius

I wouldn’t miss a Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius concert in my area. Their personal life is their own business. I hope others will see them as I do—just two great country performers.

Mrs. Judy A. Vlcek

Niantic, Conn.

“God’s will” indeed! Why use God to justify the inability to cope with a “very, very deep friendship”? Your article on this couple reads like a soap opera.

Judith Parnell

San Diego

Karen Carpenter

I first discovered the magic of the Carpenters some 10 years ago, at the age of 9. My mother had died suddenly, and their music helped me regain some of the spark in my life. I idolized Karen and was always comforted by her sincerity. I lost touch during the years, but today I’m at a rough spot and, once again, here they are. Thank you very much for the article on Karen’s wedding. I hope she gets back all the happiness she’s given.

Nikki Saunders

Bloomington, Ind.

Lt. Thom McKee

For weeks I have enjoyed watching Lieutenant McKee on Tic Tac Dough, hoping he could just keep on rolling along. Then, horrors, I pick up your magazine and find out not only that he got beat but the question that beat him. What a letdown.

Betty M. Letts


While you are pulling boneheaded stunts, why not tell everyone who shot J.R.?

Jon K. Rupp

Longmont, Colo.

Not guilty. The beans had already been spilled by the wire services. Tic Tac Dough, a syndicated show, appears on different dates all over the country. McKee’s TV show hit some areas even before PEOPLE’s story.


Thorn McKee’s accomplishments are more than impressive, but comparison of his monetary winnings with prior game contestants is unfair. That $312,700 will not buy him as much steak as a $264,000 winner on The $64,000 Challenge. In terms of 1958 dollars, McKee’s winnings reduce to about $110,000. ‘Tis sad.

Connie Banas

Bolton, Conn.

Ronald Reagan

Thank you for the article on Ronald Reagan and his 53 movies. I saw him in two of them: As the rollicking, then horribly mutilated Drake McHugh, in King’s Row, and as courageous football star George Gipp in Knute Rockne. Reagan is no second-rate actor. He should have been up for an Academy Award for both these portrayals.

Margaret Westcott

Prairie Village, Kans.

I would rather intrust our nation’s interests to a “B-grade” actor than an F-grade President.

Charles E. Ray

Nashville, Ind.

Art Buchwald

Regarding your article on the lecture business (Aug. 25): Since Art Buchwald is probably the most sought after and popular speaker on the platform today, it should have been obvious that he commands a considerably higher fee than $4,500. There are many television personalities. There is only one Art Buchwald!

Ardis Leigh

The Leigh Bureau

Princeton, N.J.

The figure came from three sources in the industry, but we are happy to correct the amount to $10,000. “I made up my mind early in life,” says Buchwald, “that I would never get less than Henry Kissinger—because I speak in English.”—ED.