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Sex on the Soaps

Well, I’ll be darned. Finally, and long overdue, the world of “soaps” (PEOPLE, June 16). This is an untapped gold mine of talents and personalities. You’ve scratched the surface, but some of these fine actors and actresses have lent their talents and craftsmanship for over 20 years. Let’s hear more about these gifted people.

Betty J. Anderson


I can’t believe you’d do a story about “Sex on the Soaps” and not mention the most popular, sexiest man on daytime TV, Tony Geary of General Hospital.

Nelda Nichols

Bryan, Texas

You missed the sexiest, William Gray Espy (Mitch Blake of Another World).

M. Schall

Hamilton, Ont.

Shame on you for omitting any mention of Lezlie Dalton and her brilliant cast mates from Guiding Light, the daytime drama that won the 1980 Emmy.

Carolyn M. Rentschler

Wyomissing, Pa.

Aaron & Paul

If I had attended the Cumberland High prom with a female, I would have been taunted with the same amount of ignorance as I was going with Paul. For too long people have been segregating whole portions of society, either pretending they don’t exist or condemning them because they do. I was sick of being treated differently.

Aaron Fricke

Provincetown, Mass.

Homosexuals are not a third gender, no matter how much they wish it were so. The prom idea was blatant sensationalism for an abhorrent cause.

Susie Perry

Troy, Mich.

Your total lack of insight is as obvious and ignorant as that of Cumberland, R.I. when you say the town showed its tolerance. Rather, it was Aaron Fricke and Paul Guilbert who displayed an enormous amount of tolerance and courage dealing with the spectacle those self-righteous, bigoted townspeople and media made of the entire situation. It is exactly this kind of attitude that perpetuates the homophobic climate in this country.

Jennifer and Steve Webb

Aurora, Colo.

Celeb Summer Romances

“You’ll be surprised.” Huh? Why on earth should we be surprised to see Cher among the romances? Nothing this woman does is a surprise anymore.

Mrs. Christine Mollica

Toms River, N.J.

In regard to James Woods: Surprised? You’re breaking my heart!

Cathie Koch


Women and the Family

Author Carl Degler (At Odds: Women and the Family) is quite right about the price of equality for women. Ask any man if he would spend the next five to 20 years doing an unsalaried job that will not guarantee Social Security or retirement benefits. Tell him that if his contract falls through, statistically a high probability, he will be expected to enter a work force that is not interested in anyone who is “inexperienced,” 35, or encumbered with children. Then, while working for a minimum wage and raising children, he will face chronic exhaustion and increasingly frustrated and lonely children. Women are now realizing that in agreeing to this arrangement, they are committing financial suicide. ‘They will not continue to choose the homemaking, or motherhood, roles most of them prefer, if society does not recognize the homemaker as equal to the breadwinner and reward her equally.

Bettee Hancock

San Jose

Linda Evans

It’s a shame you called Linda Evans a 5’8″ Bo Derek lookalike. I’m looking forward to your June 16, 1993 issue to see how Bo Derek’s doing at age 37. Linda Evans, 37, still looks like a strong 9.5 to me.

David Harbour

Lafayette, Colo.

Picks & Pans

You’ve done it again! You gave away the ending of Belva Plain’s Random Winds. You did this once before while I was in the middle of Shanna. Luckily, this time I had finished Random Winds four days before.

Christine Kirk

Novi, Mich.

Martha Coleman

It’s a pity that women in this day and time often get a bum rap simply because they’re women. I daresay that if the tragedies that befell Nelson Rockefeller and Vernon Jordan had occurred in the presence of men, no one would care…and the names of Megan Mar-shack and Martha Coleman would not have become dubious history.

Michael F. Mead

Manassas, Va.


I feel sorry for the Britons who put their money on cowboy Dusty Farlow as J.R.’s assailant on Dallas. Don’t they know he was killed in a plane crash in an episode weeks before J.R. was shot?

Sidney M. Copeland

Jackson, Mich.

Ah, but Dusty’s body was never found.—ED.

How could anyone think J.R. would commit suicide? He had no reason to, and the camera clearly showed he wasn’t holding a weapon of any kind.

Tom Powers

Sunnyvale, Calif.

The real culprit is Alan Beam, J.R.’s onetime flunky and Lucy’s onetime betrothed.

Bill McCullough

Calimesa, Calif.

Can’t you publish at least one issue without mentioning Dallas and J.R. Ewing?

H.A. Scott Dailey

Martinsburg, W.Va.