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Lee Majors

I’ve always admired Lee Majors as an actor. Now we see what a strong person he is (PEOPLE, Jan. 14). It takes guts to admit you are sad, lonely or hurt. I just hope Farrah’s smart enough to realize and appreciate a good thing. If she’s not, then he’s better off without her.

Susan Davis

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Referring to Ryan O’Neal as “Hollywood’s most insatiable womanizer,” “a wolf sent to guard Majors’ henhouse,” not only depicts Fawcett as Majors’ personal property, but paints an ugly, insensitive picture of O’Neal. It seems highly unlikely that O’Neal had premeditatedly stolen Majors’ “hen.” And how is Fawcett reacting to this evil deed? Remember, it takes two to tango.

Valerie Kamin

Ann Arbor, Mich.

How is Farrah reacting? By Super Bowl time she was being seen on the arm of Houston Oiler quarterback Dan Pastorini.—ED.

Dr. Aubrey Milunsky

We lost our first child to birth defects and I don’t know if we would have had the courage to try again if it weren’t for amniocentesis. Thanks to two amnios, I have a healthy boy and girl. Thank you for enlightening other women who would otherwise have gone uninformed about what great options they have.

Alia M. Colemon

Bend, Oreg.

As the young (25 and 24) parents of a Down’s syndrome daughter, we must speak out. The tragedy is not the handicapped or retarded child, or the family. It is our society, which cannot allow physical or mental imperfection. Many families find enrichment of the heart and spirit because of a retarded child. In planning for our second child, we will opt for amniocentesis, not for the destruction of life, but for the opportunity to prepare in advance to fulfill our responsibility to our unborn child.

Stephen and Leslie Harrah

Portland, Oreg.


You’ve certainly captured the essence of Cher. Oh, to look like that and have the good taste not to put it on public display. Can’t wait for her next disclaimer on some talk show, “…mother, home, apple pie, public has me all wrong.” Talk about cheek.

Isabelle Hayes

Phoenixville, Pa.

Barry Bremen

My reaction to the Dallas Cowboys’ lawsuit against Barry Bremen: Can’t they take a joke? Against a backdrop of domestic hardships and international crises, free-spirited Bremen’s antics are a breath of fresh air.

Mary Wehrle

Westerville, Ohio

Vancouver’s DeBrazza’s monkey

Here’s to the best centerfold I’ve ever seen—man, woman or monkey. Khomeini never looked so good.

T. Griesman

New York City

Ephron vs. Bernstein

The price of celebrity is, as we all know, very, very high. Certainly there are many private moments which we would all choose to hold for ourselves. I think that the two pages you devoted to the very private time of Nora Ephron and her young children are far more hurtful and saddening to the participants than of possible “interest” to any but their closest friends.

Ali MacGraw

Trancas, Calif.

Dungeons & Dragons

I played D&D for a year before quitting, burning most of my $80 worth of equipment and selling the rest. You become obsessed with the game. It’s all you think about and all you want to do. Your priorities and attitudes change (for the worse), and it can lead to more ominous results. I advise beginners to quit now and others to avoid it.

James Thomas

Selma, Ind.

Mr. Bill

It is hard to believe a Marine corporal in Yuma had a part in such an earth-shattering event as Mr. Bill’s birth. But after talking with both Vance DeGeneres and Walter Williams, it seems unfair for either to claim he alone created Mr. Bill. Everyone else has two parents. Why deny that to Mr. Bill?

Alice Flick

Yuma, Ariz.

I’m sorry to hear poor Mr. Bill comes from a broken family.

Kathy Fulks

Boonsboro, Md.

DeGeneres is an appropriate name for someone who derives amusement from the concepts of sadism and bodily mutilation. It sounds like “degenerate.” Both he and Walter Williams should be receiving psychiatric treatment rather than reaping millions for their sick creation, or rather the destruction of this creation…O tempora, o mores—o no!

Bennette A. Shultz

Watertown, Mass.