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Seeing Yoda on your cover (PEOPLE, June 9), I just had to find out more about this wonderful little creature. I fell in love with him at first sight. He’s so ugly, he’s beautiful.

Jeanne Skipworth

Cranbury, N.J.

Many thanks for the article on multitalented Frank Oz, the creator of Miss Piggy, the Cookie Monster and now Yoda. My only complaint is that Oz was not on your cover. He is just as cute as Yoda.

Robin Rushton

Washington, D.C.

You say Yoda’s worldly-wise eyes were modeled after Albert Einstein’s and Frank Oz tried to capture wit, wisdom and strength in this 26-inch “apostle” to the Force. He looks like Mickey Rooney to me.

E. Myers


Rev. Gerard Jean-Juste

It is utterly deplorable that the U.S. shuns the beautiful Haitians but puts out the welcome mat to Cubans. And how about those ads luring vacationers to idyllic Haiti. Hypocrisy! How do those who care contact the Rev. Jean-Juste and his Haitian Refugee Center?

Michael Part

Studio City, Calif.

The Haitian Refugee Center, 1260 62nd St. NW, Miami, Fla. 33147. Telephone: (305) 691-2095-6.


Don Adams

After a dreary decade of Eastwood, Reynolds, Travolta and Redford movies, it’s nice to see that Don Adams has brought America’s sexiest secret agent to the silver screen. James Bond, eat your heart out!

M.G. Pearlman

Waltham, Mass.

Kaylan Pickford

About 50-year-old model Kaylan Pickford: disgusting! I never looked that gorgeous when I was 21.

L. Warren

Cle Elum, Wash.

Alice Topper Martin

I read with great interest the splendid article on Alice Tepper Marlin, founder of the Council on Economic Priorities. She is successful in her work because she is balanced and has not become, like some other reformers, a common scold.

Lewis D. Gilbert

New York City

Picks & Pans

O.J. Simpson and Liz Montgomery in Behind the Badge are not TV’s first interracial couple. It was Robert Culp and Bill Cosby in I Spy. The sky didn’t fall then either.

Marilyn Bozeman


Darlene do la Chappelle

“In the old days Roller Derby women often looked like truck drivers—and skated like them”? Show me one of your hype types that could carry the skates of Peggy O’Neil, Kitty Nehls, Betty Boyd, or could be on the covers of Paris Match (me) or Point de Vue (Johnny Kobush). As far as “athleticism” is concerned, try training four to five hours a day, seven days a week. Skate four 20-minute periods and five-minute full-speed jams a night. Thank goodness Roller Games is not allowed to use the name Roller Derby. I would have been ashamed to be associated.

Terry Satterfield Scheurn

Lancaster, Calif.

The Secors

Your “Couples” story on newlyweds Chris and Clark Secor, 76 and 90 years old, was truly heartwarming. It gave me goose bumps. I’ll carry this good feeling around with me the rest of the week.

Nina Thompson

Steilacoom, Wash.

Junior Jurors

Juvenile offenders being judged and sentenced by their peers is a great idea. If people your own age say you’re guilty, maybe it will make you think twice before you go out and try to be a big shot.

Alice Hedger

Jonesboro, Ark.

Anita Bryant

I’m sure Anita Bryant will find a Bible quotation somewhere to justify the end of her marriage and her suit to obtain half the couple’s net worth. She does make one good point: She won’t have “sufficient funds” if she chooses to continue making a living preaching to us to do one thing while she does another.

Colleen Miller

Victoria, Texas

Victoria Bond

Conductor Bond combines flawless musicianship with boundless imagination and energy. Recently she inspired our 85 musicians to volunteer extra rehearsals. Anyone associated with a symphony knows that is just short of a miracle. I’m sorry the Pittsburgh Symphony didn’t fully appreciate the charm and good humor which make Ms. Bond a one-woman musical whirlwind.

G.E. Jacobson

General Manager

Anchorage Symphony


Charles Panati

In your story on Charles Panati and his book, Breakthroughs, the author mentioned a slenderizer compound that coats the stomach and intestines so you don’t absorb any calories. For those of us who want to be slim without giving up food, please tell us more. When will it happen?

Miven Booth

New York City

The compound is still being tested (successfully) on rats, reports Dr. Safer Niazi, the pharmacologist who developed it. “It has a long way to go before it can be tested on humans.”


In a world where over one billion people are suffering from chronic undernutrition (a World Bank statistic) and 12 million children under the age of 5 died of hunger in 1978 (from UNICEF), the moral indecency of such a diet aid is obvious.

Arthur Jülich

World Hunger Education Service

Washington, D.C.