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June 09, 1980 12:00 PM

Jodie Foster

I think Jodie Foster’s decision to further her education is a brilliant one (PEOPLE, May 19). Unlike most young stars, she has seen through the Hollywood glitter and realized that brains will far outlast physical beauty. How lucky she is to have both.

D.A. Fall

Des Moines

Jodie Foster is a shining example of what intelligence, hard work and self-confidence can do. There is just one question I have: What are her tips for studying?

Joanie Miller

Vancouver, B.C.

Jodie, who is known for her ability to tune out on the set when not in front of the cameras, passes along the following: “Concentrate; don’t cram; don’t put off doing papers or, if you’re like me, you won’t get to them.”—ED.

Jodie Foster’s father, Lucius, keeps getting the same old bad press. I know that, contrary to your story, he supported his family and kept in touch. My knowledge comes from having been married to him during those years. This correction in no way takes anything away from Jodie’s intelligence, talent or attractiveness. I just wanted to make the “facts” a little clearer.

Patricia Warner

Los Angeles

Elmore City

Meeting people you can laugh with and talk to—and dance with—is a part of growing up I would not have wanted to miss. With all due respect to Elmore City’s Reverend Johnson, I’ve been dating for a number of years, and if breathing in ears led to pregnancy, I’d be on my 100th child.

Eileen Schackett

New York City

I grew up in a town in southwestern Colorado very similar to Elmore City. It was wonderful to see the small-town West depicted as it really is—simple and refreshing.

Twyla V. Morgan

Norwood, Colo.

The opinions of the people in Elmore City who opposed the high school prom aren’t ones I’d agree with. However, in opposing the dance, they weren’t doing anything illegal but merely reflecting the standard of their locality. It is strange that while we are now taught to appreciate different cultures, both within this country and without, when a small community in Oklahoma has a quirk about its local choice of entertainment, you find it fit to hold the town up to national ridicule.

J. Stephen Evans


Do you know why people in Elmore City won’t make love standing up? Because people would think they were dancing.

Robert Shoe

Lakeland, Fla.

What is most disturbing about your story are the quotes of two of the students: “He don’t dance” and “I got me a side ache.” It’s time the clergy and school officials of Elmore City got off the pulpit and on the stick. Give these kids the chance to handle their own lives and, for God’s sake, give them the education they deserve.

Janet Billy

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Michael Brown

I was outraged by the recent explosion here at the Chemical Control Company. A year ago when the barrels of chemicals and toxic wastes were found abandoned, there were promises of a complete cleanup. Obviously, little was done to correct the situation. As a mother of two small children, I am happy to say we will be moving this fall—hopefully to a city and state that has its act together.

N. Willmore

Elizabeth, N.J.

Picks & Pans

Concerning your review of J. Giels’ new album, Love Stinks: It stinks!

S. Walters


‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’

What a beautiful story on Loretta Lynn. When I was a kid working in a supermarket in Goodlettsville, Tenn., near her ranch, she was just on her way to becoming a big star and would stop by every morning after her TV show. I remember her well. She was always so sweet and kind.

Comer Pryor


Ginger Rogers

I resent the statement by Ginger Rogers that Jane Fonda is “mixed up.” Fonda seems to be an intelligent, concerned, honest woman who also is a brilliant actress. I’m glad she gives a damn about our world. Isn’t Miss Rogers judging by yesterday’s standards?

Robin Levin


Milton and Rose Friedman

I like the Friedmans’ ideas—but what about people who have contributed to Social Security for the better part of their lives? Is the government giving them the shaft?

John H. Oxrieder

Palm Bay, Fla.

“So far, no. The future may well be another matter,” Professor Friedman says, referring to the increasing ratio of recipients to contributors.—ED.

I and others in the Los Angeles area have been forced out of business by imports. What’s the Friedmans’ answer to that? One man has suggested shooting everyone at age 62—that is also a solution.

Julius E. Cohen

Arcadia, Calif.

“International trade, like trade at home, should be completely free,” Friedman asserts. “I sympathize with the man’s difficulties, but a profit system is a profit-and-loss system. You gamble when you enter.”—ED.

Delia Reese

After reading about Della Reese’s near-fatal illness and Dr. Charles Drake, the London, Ont. physician who saved her life, I feel more should be said about the staff at University Hospital. I live 100 miles away and never even knew there was such a hospital until my father-in-law, in a life-and-death situation, had surgery there. At that time we met people from all over the world who had come to be given a chance for life by these doctors. They deserve coverage so that more people will learn of this hospital and support it.

C. Graves

Windsor, Ont.

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