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Robert Redford

The Duke is no longer with us, but perhaps his spirit still remains in America’s “Golden One,” Robert Redford (PEOPLE, Feb. 18). It’s refreshing to hear Mr. Redford speak so honestly about his own superstar status, let alone his commitment to his family and country. Maybe he should consider running for the Senate.

Bill Stejskal

Cape Coral, Fla.

I had to buy two copies of this issue. One to drool on and one to frame.

Laurie Hertzberg

San Diego

Lyndon LaRouche

Reading your article sent cold chills down my back. This presidential candidate tells us we don’t have to assume the responsibility of our day-to-day lives and actions, just sit back and he will take care of everything. Shades of Jim Jones and Rev. Moon!

B. Bates


Bo’s Cornrow

Your article on the cornrow (Feb. 11) implies that before Bo Derek met Ann Collins, she had braided her own hair. This is not true. In September 1978 Bo came to see my portfolio as a hair sculpturist. She said she needed an exotic look for a movie she was about to do. During the braiding session John Derek took many pictures. He also made some insulting remarks and analogies about Bo which I felt stunned her. I asked him to leave. It is because I spoke out against John’s rude and abrasive ways that the Dereks have allowed the public to think Ann Collins was the original stylist and braider and that it is her work you see publicized.

Nantille Hansberry Charbonnet

Los Angeles

Bruce Jenner

Poor Chrystie. After helping Bruce train for the Olympics, and seven years of marriage, she’s home with their son and another baby on the way while he’s out courting death in the fast lane and living it up with Elvis’ ex-girlfriend. Jenner thinks he’s separated the men from the boys. Yeah, well, I know which side he’s on.

Susan Kuiken

North Haledon, N.J.

You quoted me as saying, “Facing the prospect of being an independent woman is very painful.” Divorce is painful, but I’ve always been an independent woman (thank God) and therefore am certainly not afraid of living independently. That point was, and still is, important for me to make, as I know many women are jolted from a blindly dependent role to facing the reality of independence.

Chrystie Jenner

Malibu, Calif.

I almost choked on my Wheaties when I read your article on Bruce Jenner.

Charlotte Schaffer


Patti Hansen

Here’s hoping model Hansen will start a new trend. I’m so tired of seeing emaciated ladies. I like the lack of live-in boyfriends, too. Maybe that will catch on with the young crowd.

D. Hough

Kansas City, Mo.

Cliff Richard

It must have been a refreshing change to interview a rock singer who has managed to be a great success for 20 years without being involved in drugs or having been sued by an angry ex-wife or girlfriend. Cliff Richard deserves every bit of recognition he is now receiving.

Sharon Campbell

Ancaster, Ont.

Elizabeth Taylor Warner

“I think women would go into the trenches tomorrow if they could.” That’s all I hear from women today who happen to be 26 or older. I’m 18 and in college. I’ve worked hard to pay for my education and I’m not crazy about giving it up to go fight in those trenches.

Mary Kelly

Potomac, Md.

While I do not really agree with Liz Taylor’s assumption that “women would go into the trenches tomorrow,” I am glad to see the real Liz surface after three years as a demure political wife.

Mrs. Fran Walker

Hoboken, N.J.