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I felt your article on the Ronstadt-Brown safari was a tremendous intrusion on their privacy (PEOPLE, April 30). When two people have to fight so hard to spend even a few minutes alone, I’m sure marriage would be the last thing on their minds.

Colleen C. Myers

Upper Marlboro, Md.

We have a President whose brother is a lush, who has a nephew in jail, one sister who is a born-again Christian evangelist and another who disturbs the peace by refusing to quit playing her harmonica in a restaurant. Then you insult Miss Ronstadt by saying she could hurt Brown’s White House chances. You guys are something else!

E. Claude Farnsworth III

Racine, Wis.

As for Jerry Brown ruining his chances for the Presidency because of his trip with Linda, in my mind they were pretty much destroyed when I heard how fast he changed sides on Proposition 13.

Linda L. Whittaker

Wyckoff, N.J.

We can see it now: First Lady Ronstadt giving rock concerts on the White House lawn. Jerry Brown for President!

Andy Grimm

Mike Klingele

Gary Neu

Normal, Ill.

Esther Shapiro

I read your story about Esther Shapiro, the mother who was arrested for stealing her own children. I had no idea child stealing even existed until March 8, when my estranged husband took our two boys, 2½ and 4, whose custody I had been given, to visit Florida. I have not seen them since. Because it is a family matter, the FBI and the police will do nothing. I have been advised by some lawyers that the only way I will see my sons again is to hire detectives to help me steal them back. This only legal recourse is revolting. There are bills pending in the House and Senate making child stealing a federal offense. Passage won’t bring Ralphie and Charlie back, but it will help put an end to this vicious practice.

Ellen Torello

New York City

Wayne Newton

As an associate professor at Long Beach City College, I took one of my TV classes to a convention at the Ambassador Hotel in L.A. Wayne Newton was playing that night, and I told the students his was the best act I had ever seen. But they had no money. Suddenly we ran into Wayne. Through him, we were led to two tables front row center. He picked up the bill and dedicated part of his show to us. I have met many celebrities. No one has impressed me as much as Wayne Newton, professionally and personally.

Roger E. Van Hook

Seal Beach, Calif.

Dr. Alvin Mauer

Dr. Alvin Mauer of St. Jude Hospital and its benefactor, Danny Thomas, are to be commended, but as the mother of a beloved 6-year-old daughter who was treated for and died from lymphocytic leukemia, I found your article misleading to the public and falsely hopeful to parents of children with leukemia. Survival rate and cure rate are not the same, and children who are “cured” five years after all treatment has stopped are a small percentage indeed. While fund raising is important, so too is educating the public to the lack of understanding and the isolation of families who live with leukemia.

Judy Weber

Beverly Hills

Janet Barkas

Thank God someone is drawing attention to the fact that criminals are treated with more sympathy and compassion than their victims. Unlike criminologist Barkas, however, I am a strong supporter of capital punishment. We must stop spending so much time worrying about wars halfway around the world and concentrate on the war going on right outside our triple-locked doors.

B. McGill



I can’t believe Joan Sutherland has the nerve to say she “has no patience for women’s libbers” and that “a woman’s place is in the home.” She has a full-time career and a husband who gave up his career for hers. She admits her child was neglected and that she wasn’t even home for eight of his birthdays. What a hypocrite!

Sally Ginsburg

Sudbury, Mass.

Susan B. Anthony II

Since recovering from alcoholism nearly 33 years ago, I have been carrying the message around the world that it is a treatable disease, not a moral weakness. Your story on me confuses our movement of prevention and treatment with the 19th-century moral crusade against “Demon Rum.” I am deeply upset not only with the misrepresentation of my message but that your stress on moral weakness might prevent even one of 10 million sick alcoholics from seeking help.

Susan B. Anthony

Deerfield Beach, Fla.