People Staff
May 07, 1979 12:00 PM

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas is fantastic (PEOPLE, April 16). He has proved himself not only as an actor and a producer, but also as an admirable man for not cashing in on the recent Harrisburg accident. Kirk Douglas had better watch out—he’s going to be referred to as Michael Douglas’ dad!

Dolores Garvey

Bridgeport, Conn.

Thank God Michael Douglas’ disaster movie came true. Otherwise, the nukers would have gone on assuring us of their reactors’ infinite safety.

Michael G. Hutsko

Norfolk, Calif.

I buy PEOPLE every week, but I put back this issue with Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda on the cover. I refuse to buy anything, attend any movies or watch any talk shows with Jane Fonda. I will buy next week’s magazine if she isn’t in it.

Geraldine Brown

Versailles, Ky.

Three Mile Island

How can you call Three Mile Island the “worst nuclear accident in U.S. history”? It sounds like complete devastation. No one was hurt or killed by TMI. What was hurt was our technology and our hopes for another source of energy. We live with dangers every day of our lives, fast-moving cars and A-bombs, which could wipe all of us out at the press of a button. As for Dr. Gofman saying he feels that he is living on “borrowed time,” we all are.

Kathleen A. Hevalow

Reading, Pa.

Lea Thompson

Regarding your report on the dangers of asbestos in hair dryers, you seemed to dwell on the fact that reporter Lea Thompson could be pregnant and still work. Good for her. But where can we find out about all these dangerous hair dryers?

Sherry Murphy


Write to Hair Dryers, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, D.C. 20207.—ED.

Picks & Pans

Your reviewer of Cher’s new album, Take Me Home, has to be out of his mind. It is the best album she’s recorded. But then, no matter what Cher does, some people are never satisfied—unless, of course, she is doing a cover story for their magazine.

Phillip Goldstein

Melrose Park, Pa.

Regarding your screen reviews, I’m pleased to read your analysis of the casting. Fascinated to learn your feelings about an actor’s ability to handle his role. Curious to hear your opinion of the director’s deft touches—or lack of them. Criticize, comment, analyze. But, please, don’t tell me the story.

Burt M. Harris

Hollywood, Calif.

Mike Johnson

When Mike Johnson decided to fight for custody of his daughter, the only person he was thinking of was himself. Instead of giving his little girl the opportunity of the love and financial security of two adoptive parents, he has sentenced himself to a life where it will be very hard to fulfill himself. I feel that Judge Martin made an irresponsible decision in the case.

Mary Anne Doyle

New York City

Imagine saying the baby would have been better off put up for adoption so the mother could “go on with her life.” What a bunch of hogwash! Isn’t it better to know where the baby is and who has her than never knowing? I gave my son James up for adoption seven months ago and I’m constantly wondering where he is and who’s got him!

Susan Gorman


I believe it was right to put the baby up for adoption and fair for the father to request custody. But, as an advocate of planned (wanted and married) parenthood, I believe it would be more right and more fair if the Catholic Church stopped the suppression and fear it instills in so many concerning birth control and abortion so that one more unplanned, illegitimate and initially unwanted person would not unfairly be brought into the world.

Mrs. R. S. Miller

Fremont, Calif.

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