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Donna Pescow

You ruined a perfectly gorgeous cover portrait with that dumb inset! Donna Pescow can make fans just fine without being linked to John, ah, er, you know, that guy from Grease (PEOPLE, April 9).

Michael Wieczorek

Bridgeport, Conn.

Sure Donna Pescow and Angle are successful. Angle was born with a silver spoon in its mouth—the 8:30 time slot following top-rated Mork & Mindy. Any way you look at it, Angle is nothing new, just another comedy show. Really, PEOPLE, why don’t you cover a new and exciting television show like Delta House?

Doreen and Donna Hughes

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

I am an avid watcher of One Life to Live, and cannot for the life of me remember seeing Donna Pescow in a bit part. Whom did she play?

Kally DeYoung

Farnhamville, Iowa

Pescow played a hatcheck girl. “I was a glorified extra,” says Donna. “I was on the show for four months and said 10 words.”—ED.

Economist Arthur Laffer

Recently TV showed us one of China’s showcase cooperatives which had the lowest tax rate in the country. With their surplus yuan they purchased mechanized equipment, which produced more products and employment for more people, which in turn produced more taxes for the government. If the Communist Chinese are aware of “Laffer curve” benefits, why is it so difficult for us to understand?

Ruth Poppick

Keyport, N.J.

Willie Carter Spann

It is obvious this man will not be able to function in our society once he is released. He has an excuse for every event which led to his imprisonment and indicates the atmosphere in “Jimmy & Rosalynn’s” household drove him to his hell-raising. Marriage is not going to remedy this guy’s problem.

Norman Greer

New York City

Mr. Yuk

God bless Dr. Richard Moriarty and his “Mr. Yuk” campaign against infant poisoning. Last week my 2-year-old son drank nail-polish remover. I called the emergency number on the “Mr. Yuk” sticker and within minutes I knew what course of action to take. I was lucky. The remover wasn’t very toxic. My son now recognizes “Mr. Yuk” and knows not to put these substances in his mouth.

Marianne Schmalbach

Norristown, Pa.

Jesse Jackson

As a teacher I wish every student in every school across America had a chance to hear the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s message. How fantastic it would be to again have enthusiasm back in school and parents involved. I cut your article out and displayed it prominently on my bulletin board.

Linda Allmand

Lewisville, Texas

Judy & Mike Farrell

Your article on Judy and Mike (M*A*S*H) Farrell is the most heartening thing I’ve read in ages. What a relief to find there are still Americans who have the guts and warmth to raise children with genuine love and freedom.

Stan Fuller

Oklahoma City

Thumbs down to your suggestion that the Farrells can teach us all how to be parents. Lots of affection is great, but there’s nothing worse than a child (or adult) who lacks self-control and has no respect for authority, which is what failure to discipline brings.

B. K. Johnston

Riverside, Calif.

William Paley

Mr. Paley speaks with concern of The Paper Chase “ratings-wise.” I’m surprised that Nielsen can even find this “damn good program” buried under all the preempts and reschedules.

Bettie Madison

Grand Rapids, Mich.

John Louis Evans

I really feel sorry to think of anyone getting 2,500 volts run through him. Why can’t Alabama killer John Evans be executed by means of lethal injection instead of the electric chair? What states already have the law for lethal injection?

Billy D. Cates


Oklahoma, Texas, Idaho and New Mexico. Half a dozen other states are currently considering the death-by-drugs method of execution. Meanwhile Evans’ trip to the chair was postponed for more legal maneuvering instituted by his mother, and Evans himself has decided to appeal.—ED.

Margaret Trudeau

Of Maggie dear, I thee implore, About her Please write no more.

Bonnie Zeitlin

Northbrook, Ill.