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To even consider lumping Laurence Olivier in the same category with John Belushi and his ilk (PEOPLE, April 2) only reflects the kind of dubious thinking that has long blemished the otherwise innovative Saturday Night Live. The two men are as different as night and day—Olivier, with The Betsy, made the illiterate functional. Belushi, with the blues, made the functional illiterate.

Dane Chamberlain


In all my 64 years of moviegoing, the saddest dilemma is why Brad Davis (Midnight Express) was not nominated. The Academy Awards are rapidly becoming a pseudo-achievement.

Albert B. Manski


Kate Millett

Ms. Millett seems to think the Iranian women have been betrayed by Khomeini. The Ayatollah spoke many times of the Islamic state he planned to form when in power, and it is no secret how women are treated under such a state—as chattels. It is unfortunate that they did not have the foresight to know what would happen when Khomeini toppled the Shah who had taken steps toward women’s rights.

Bill A. Nereson

White Bear Lake, Minn.

Duchess of Alba

Please explain how Winston Churchill is related to the Duchess of Alba. In Jennie and Jennie, Volume II by Ralph G. Martin, I do not find reference to any Duchess of Alba.

John C. Swaner

Newark, Del.

Arabella Churchill, sister of the Duke of Marlborough, in 1670 bore James Stuart (later King James II of England) an illegitimate son, James Fitz-James, who was given the title Duke of Berwick. Fitz-James went on to become a marshal of France and one of the men who put Philip V on the Spanish throne. The Duchess of Alba, Maria del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, is a descendant of that Duke of Berwick.—ED.

Brian Allen (Logic Israel)

I am not nervous around Jesus Christ, but I am around people who are “religious” like these members of the Church of Armageddon. I am also upset with your saying, “Steve Allen’s son in a cult of God and Love.” You’re nuts! Don’t you understand this is the same claptrap Jim Jones started out with?

Sabra Pelham

Washington, D.C.

Take away the fear of Guyana, take away the lure of Steve Allen’s name, and what do we have? An article about a young man’s desire to live in a loving way, in the name of Christ.

David Allen

(Logic’s brother)

Los Angeles

George & Annis

The old double standard strikes again. It seems strange that Phyllis George can get married in a gown that barely covers her “terrific bosom” and yet British star Francesca Annis is gaped at in a New York restaurant as she breastfeeds her baby. Make up your mind.

Janet L. Mason

Stevensville, Mich.

Joseph Paderewski

Let’s see—there’s Pope John Paul II, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Krzysztof Penderecki, Menachem Begin, Carl Yastrzemski, Loretta Swit on the cover and this week’s wonderful story on Joseph Paderewski! God, aren’t we Polish wonderful?

Sister Anne Marie Knawa

Order of St. Francis

Madonna High School


Lorenzo Lamas

Representing a group of girls here at Keystone College, I wish to thank you for that divine “beefcake” picture of Lorenzo Lamas.

Marilyn Ebling

LaPlume, Pa.

“Beefcake,” is it? Okay, all you women’s libbers—an eye for an eye. In the same issue, page 101, check out the filet mignon with Meadowlark Lemon.

James A. Fox

Springville, N.Y.

Loretta Swit

In reply to the letter of Kathy Callaghan of Toronto: I wholeheartedly agree with Loretta Swit’s position on the annual seal hunt. If the federal and provincial governments of this area truly wished to resolve this matter, they would offer incentives to the multinational corporations to attract them to the “economically depressed” province of Newfoundland. Meanwhile I urge you not to bear resentment against the people of Newfoundland. They do what they do simply because there is very little alternative.

Ronald J. O’Dowd

Sainte-Foy, Quebec