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Betty Ford

Betty Ford is as beautiful inside as she is outside (PEOPLE, March 26). This lady is magic!

Kathy Reid

Marion, Ind.

The Fords have a government-paid staff of 12? Now I do not begrudge Mrs. Ford making money. As a true capitalist, I admire her for it. But why should I, as a taxpayer, pay for her maids?

Marguerite A. Brock

New Orleans

The Fords pay for their household staff of three and Mrs. Ford’s personal secretary. The government-paid staff works in the office.—ED.

Is anyone else sick to death of the continuing confessions of Betty Ford?

Nancy Lottman

Villa Park, Calif.

Alan Arkin

It is incredible that you devoted that much space to Alan Arkin yet never reminded us of the most moving performance ever on the screen—his deaf-mute in The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter.

Anne Kramer

Ambler, Pa.

Miss America

I’d like to applaud. Rather than adding to the glitter of the Miss America image, you showed us what hard work it entails. The Kylene Barker I knew at Virginia Tech was no plastic “American dream.” Even then, she was hardworking, ambitious and unspoiled.

Kathe Sadler-Wright

Lakewood, N.J.

Miss Tarheel Twirling Camp East? Does this mean she twirled tarheels at a camp in the East? No, silly, this means she twirled while tarheeled at a—and so forth. The comic relief helped me to get through this article, but barely.

Linda Vinton

St. Louis

The Bee Gees

Although you did throw in a nice comment here and there, your overall review of the Bee Gees’ new album Spirits Having Flown conveys pure jealousy. I realize you are entitled to your opinion, but couldn’t it have been established without those cheap shots? Really, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. To quote the words of a famous magazine (any guesses?), “The Bee Gees have got it all.”

T. Sexton

Port Orchard, Wash.

The Jaycees

Sally Funk’s attempt to breach the Jaycees’ bastion would be laughable were it not for the fact that I believe she is serious. Why does she find an all-male organization so repugnant? What about the all-female Junior League, Rebekahs, DAR, Rainbow Girls?

Peter Fulton Foss


I have a solution for the girls. How about the “Jaycettes”?

Darla MacDonald


William Loeb

I am sorry to see valuable space devoted to this self-appointed political judge. There should be no one man able to make or break anyone’s career, and even mentioning his paper gives glory to a political scandal sheet.

S.M. DeCarolis


It’s nice to see an unbiased story on William Loeb. You’ve shown me things I never knew about a truly intriguing man, and my own father worked for him for 10 years.

Catherine Chase

Goffstown, N.H.

Michael Blumenthal

I, too, was in Shanghai during the Japanese occupation and knew Mr. Blumenthal and his family. It is a shame that he mentioned only bad things like prostitution, opium, gambling. He forgot to say that there was almost no crime in the Jewish community. The people were poor, yes, but their extraordinary generosity and sharing made possible a school, food, a hospital. Even the doctors worked free among the more than 25,000 refugees.

David L. Bloch

Mount Vernon, N.Y.

Abraham Carmel

It’s refreshing to know a learned clergyman (a priest) has found Judaism “the mother faith that has not been improved upon.” As a convert, I wholeheartedly agree. And it’s so nice not feeling guilty about things over which we have no control, i.e., original sin.

Barbara Eagle

York, Pa.

Jonathan Miller

I would like to enlighten those who were not English schoolboys on the subject of conkers (chestnuts). They were not simply for hoarding. One collected the biggest and hardest ones, soaked them in vinegar to make them even harder, threaded them on a string and proceeded to play the ancient game of conkers. One person held his conker by its string end while his opponent attempted to bash it with his own conker. This went on in turns until one of the conkers split. Scores were kept as to how many games each conker won, and it was a proud owner indeed who possessed the “champion conker” at the end of the season.

Joy Lietzau