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November 06, 1978 12:00 PM


Despite being a longtime Chicago fan, I’d never actually seen what the guys in the group look like. Thanks for introducing them to me through your handsome cover and a superbly written article (PEOPLE, Oct. 16).

June Bruck

Carleton, Mich.

No one can fill the void left by band member Terry Kath’s death, but we all would have lost more if the group had died too. It’s wonderful that the guys found the strength and spirit (and Donnie Dacus) to go on.

J.B. Yurecka

Rochester, N.Y.

What? Donnie Dacus—a skinny kid who looks like the girl next door—the sex symbol of the group Chicago? Sorry, not as long as James Pankow is still in the band.

Kris Mason

Braddock Heights, Md.

You’ve got to be kidding. Married or not, Bobby Lamm has held the title for years. Dacus should be so lucky.

Lisa Levy

Novato, Calif.

It’s the sexy shyness of Peter Cetera that drives me crazy.

Jane Macarr

Mineola, N.Y.

I hope Chicago will realize they are losing fans as well as gaining them by “changing their image.” I used to buy their albums because they were special; now I find myself buying them out of loyalty. It’s the same old stuff everyone else is putting out.

Cathy Pappas


The gutter language used in your captions is readily available on the streets for anyone who wants their senses bombarded with such filth. We’ll not have it brought into our home in magazine form. The article would not have lost any of its interest if you had censored Chicago’s language.

Barbara C. Meyer


Jean Murray’s Green Book

The fact that Mrs. Murray and her “board” can sit in judgment of Washington society is ludicrous. That 10,000 people will pay $30 a book or lament their omission from it is even more absurd. Without a doubt, our most contemporary comic book.

Caroline Fee

Flanders, N.J.

William Simon

Your story on William Simon has given me faith that somebody in government can talk sense. I’m going to get his book to look at every time I need to know there are some good ideas left in this country.

Pat Slupske


William Simon thinks each taxpayer should pay a flat percentage of his gross income. But we should pay the same percentage only if all people have the same gross income. His idea would make the rich richer and the middle class poorer.

Samuel Lindenbaum

New York City

Matt Collins

Matt Collins says that René Russo is his favorite model. But who is René Russo, and why is she his favorite?

T.J. Mills


Matt responds: “To me, René” [above] has the nicest personality and is also very professional. But, above all, I appreciate her subtlety. She doesn’t need to drag chiffon scarves around to be exciting.”


NFL Cheerleaders

How can anyone say these NFL cheerleaders “lead cheers” when they have to take classes in football so they don’t react at the wrong time? (Even so, I’ve seen them shouting when the opponent scores.) Let’s remember that fans go to games to see competitive football, not competitive cheerleaders.

Ginger Rapsus


Gimme a “P!”

Gimme an “R!”

Gimme a “U!” “D!” “E!”

And what have you got? The San Diego Chargers’ management in the infamous Nude Cheerleader affair.

Anthony Comstock

Salt Lake City

Hee Haw

Hee Haw is the most idiotic, ridiculous and senseless show on TV. My only excuse for watching it is that it makes me laugh and, to tell the truth, I like to laugh. Happy 10th birthday, Hee Haw.

Sharon Goodspeed

Lansdowne, Pa.

Conaway & Newton-John

After being bombarded with gossip about Olivia Newton-John’s love life, you now attempt to assault us with stories about her sister Rona’s romance with Jeff Conaway. Who cares? I for one would like to read a true love story about couples who have been together for more than a year and have enough guts to get married.

Karen M. Matthews

Columbus, Ohio

The Fat Seven

I am a former TWA and Pan American stewardess. When I applied for the job I was informed of the requirements, which included a weight limit for my height. The “Fat 7” knew the restrictions when they initially agreed to them. Why should the rules change just because they no longer can conform?

Carmen Junghanns-Gluck

Brea, Calif.

Hurray for the Seven! A stewardess’s responsibility is not only to make our flight comfortable but also to keep her head in case of emergency. I feel more at ease on a flight with a seasoned “stew,” midriff bulge or no.

Kimber Pethtel

Huntington Beach, Calif.

Judy Blume

The heroine of Judy Blume’s new novel harbors bad feelings toward her mother because she didn’t try to tell her daughter that there is more to life than getting married very young. My 21-year-old daughter harbors bad feelings for me because I am trying to tell her that there is more to life then getting married very young. What’s a mother to do?

Dottie Hughes

Centerport, N.Y.

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