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Lunch with ... Zoe Saldana

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You chose a favorite cuisine-Korean barbecue-for lunch. When did you become a foodie?

I grew up in New York, which is such a beautiful cultural melting pot. On Sundays, instead of having pancakes at a diner, we’d go to shabu shabu, to sushi, to dim sum.

Are you an adventurous eater?

I’ve had iguana tail in the Caribbean, cricket tacos in Mexico, impala in South Africa, frog leg-and-lemongrass soup in Thailand. Then there are things I’ve tried once and won’t ever try again, like alligator. It tastes like chicken with a little bit of fish. It’s confusing to the brain!

You also lived in the Dominican Republic as a kid. What foods remind you of those years?

The moment I see white rice, beans and a piece of meat on a dish, that’s home. It’s what I grew up eating.

People say slender girls don’t eat.

I’ve always been this size. It has to do with the way my body is built. I was a dancer for many years. But I’m Latin-I enjoy food!

Who does the cooking at home?

My fiance [actor-entrepreneur Keith Britton] is a great cook: He handles all the meats, and I do the side dishes. I love the adventure of preparing: somebody chopping onions, somebody making dessert.

What’s your knockout dish?

I make a good spicy lobster bisque with a Latin twist. I’m happy I have a knack for cooking-but then, I suck at roller-skating, so it all balances out.

How do you unwind after filming?

I never compromise on a glass of red wine or a bath. And on my last day, I’m going straight to the first restaurant, and I will eat the entire table!

After Colombiana‘s intense action scenes, you deserved a treat.

It was a mix of martial arts and Krav Maga. It’s exhausting! By the time I got back, I slept for an entire month.