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Love in Transit

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IN THE GAME OF ROMANCE, CHRISTOPHER Cook has taken a flyer. Or, more precisely, dozens of them, strategically placed in hopes of finding the mystery woman he lost, one forlorn day, in the tunnel of love.

Cook’s dilemma began on Oct. 2 at 4 p.m. when he and two friends, Eric Macom and Paula Jean Allen, boarded a subway train on Boston’s Green Line. Cook, 22, locked eyes with a twenty-something brunette wearing a greenish-brown sweater and was immediately and profoundly smitten. He nervously sat next to the stranger and had, he says, “no intention of speaking.” But when Macom pointed out that another passenger looked like actor Kevin Bacon, she spoke. “I was thinking the same thing,” she told Cook. A brief chat ensued. Then the three friends arrived at their stop, and Cook, exchanging smiles with the woman, stepped onto the platform. The train—and Cook’s heart—disappeared into the tunnel. “I always talk about meeting someone, and there was the perfect opportunity,” says Cook. “Eric said, ‘You blew it.’ ”

A copy-shop color technician who moved to Brookline, Mass., from Missouri in August, Cook may be a hopeless romantic, but he’s not a helpless one. Four days later, he printed 100 flyers carrying his heartfelt message (right). For four nights he posted them on subway walls and in strategic areas including Boston University and Copley Square. Three weeks later, the Boston Globe picked up the story. So far, Cook has gotten a couple of dozen responses, including prank calls from guys and a drunk woman who called to say he was sweet. Alas, there has been no word from his object of desire. But hope springs eternal. If she does call, says Cook, he would “be ecstatic. But I’d probably get nervous again.”