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Staffan Scheja loved racing dinghies as a boy in his native Sweden but gave the sport up when he found it was too hard on his hands. “I was very determined at an early age to become a pianist,” he recalls. “I don’t think I ever had any other desires.” Today at 27, he has been praised by critics all over the world. The New York Times, for example, said, “He is one of those who have learned early the difference between competitions and concerts. Keep him in mind.” Staffan was admitted to Sweden’s prestigious Royal Academy of Music at the age of 14. Four years of study at the Juilliard School of Music followed, and in 1975 he won the Busoni International Piano Competition in Italy. Scheja now divides his time between New York and Stockholm and manages to play about 70 concerts a year. His schedule gives him little time for Swedish actress Agneta Eckemyr, with whom he has been living for the past four years, and their 9-month-old son, Daniel. Staffan admits the constant practice and travel sometimes become tiresome, but he says, “There is always a feeling of endless work in music. As Rachmaninoff said, ‘Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music’ ”

Patti Burns was a bit worried when she was asked to co-anchor KDKA-TV’s top-rated Eyewitness News at Noon in Pittsburgh last September. Her co-anchorman would be her father, Bill. She has found that working with the old man isn’t so bad after all. “Oh, we fight,” says Patti. “If I mispronounce a word or don’t check something, he screams and yells. He’s hard on me, but he’s hard on everybody. He’s been a big help. He’s a real pro.” Patti, 25, earned her degree in political science from the University of Denver where she got into the news business on the student radio station. Despite her father’s warning that TV news “can be a cutthroat business,” she took a street reporter’s job on WFAA-TV in Dallas. She eventually was lured back to Pittsburgh to do the same kind of legwork for KDKA. Her duties now have been expanded to co-hosting a prime-time news-magazine show on Saturday nights. TV news has become a family affair for the Burnses. “My mother,” Patti says, “has been my greatest supporter. I go to Dad for professional advice. I go to Mom for comfort.”