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May 14, 2001 12:00 PM

Ralph Fiennes

“He has movie-star looks and these incredibly deep-set eyes that smolder,” observes New York City artist Susannah Fiennes about her cousin. “He’s got wonderful bone structure, so he won’t droop—he’ll have strength in his face.” He also has good genes. “Ralph’s father is incredibly handsome, and he’s sixtysomething,” says Susannan. “Ralph will mature in bewitching ways.”

Hunter Tylo

“As the years went on, I learned how to take care of myself,” says the star of CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful, who shrank in dress size after the births of each of her four children, ages 3 to 20. Thanks to weight training, “I wear a size 0, but weigh more than I did at size 6 because I have more muscle. I’m healthier and probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Yes, at 38.”

Kathy Ireland

“At 25, I didn’t have the perspective I have now,” says the model turned mogul, whose clothing and home-furnishing lines gross a billion dollars a yean “It’s a shame that somewhere along the line people were told that aging is a negative thing.”

Kelly Preston

After giving birth to second child Ella last April with husband John Travolta (son Jett is 9), Preston is still glowing, “It is her incredible smile that makes her a timeless beauty,” says Arnold Schwarzenegger of his Twins costar. “Kelly is not only a happy new mother but a great person, which makes her inner beauty shine through.”

Jon SteWart

“Never better, never better!” says the host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, often cited as a role model for fledgling comics. “Me, a mentor? Oh yeah, I forgot. I’m 38.”

Michael Jordan

“I’ve passed my physical peak and am not at a point where I can push myself physically as much as I used to,” admits the NBA great, who retired in 1999. But if the longtime Chicago Bulls guard—now a co-owner of the Washington Wizards—does prove recent rumors true and returns to the court, don’t count him out: “That’s not to say that as I get older my game deteriorates. It just means that I rely a little more on my mental prowess.”

Jodie Foster

“I’m older now and they’re piling more makeup on me,” the two-time Oscar winner told W in 1999, explaining her increasingly glamorous look. “But I have to admit, allowing myself to do the dress-and-hair thing took years.” Designer Giorgio Armani is glad that his client, who expects baby No. 2 in November, relented: “Jodie’s combination of inner and outer beauty endures beyond age.”

Michelle Yeoh

“I don’t feel I’ve peaked…yet!” says the high-kicking star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. “It just takes more time, care and exercise to stay fit and fresh. Physically, at this age it’s about discipline.” For Yeoh that means martial arts workouts on the set, plus “not looking at myself too much in the mirror and healthy Chinese home-cooking with lots of soups and veggies.”

Tom Cruise
Twenty years after making his film debut in Endless Love, Cruise still looks “charming when he’s smiling, sexy when he isn’t,” according to Mission: Impossible 2 director John Woo. And doing much of his own stunt work has kept this leading man limber. In Woo’s opinion, “Tom moves like a ballet dancer, with such elegance.”

Elizabeth Vargas

“Every year in my 30s has gotten better,” says the ABC news correspondent. “My 20s were full of angst, hard work and a lack of confidence.”

Janine Turner

“I’m a big believer that beauty is an inside job,” says the Northern Exposure alum, now starring on Lifetime’s Strong Medicine, “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. And chasing my child [Juliette, 3] certainly helps keep me fit.”

Eriq La Salle

The road of life, says ER‘s Dr. Peter Benton, “has peaks and valleys, but eventually you see the tops of mountains. That’s not something you learn until you are 30 and don’t begin to master until you’re 36 or 37.”

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