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Lisa Nicole Carson

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Sure, Lisa Nicole Carson has costarring roles on two of TV’s biggest hits (Ally McBeal and ER), but that’s not what our judges meant when they called the 30-year-old actress overexposed. “I was taught very young by my mother, ‘Keep them guessing’—I think Lisa needs to do that a little more,” says designer Pamela Dennis of the 5’5″ Carson’s penchant for low-cut, body-hugging attire. VHl’s Roshumba is more direct: “Girl, what are you doing?” she asks. “This is too much!” The emphasis on certain parts of Carson’s body also detracts from her other qualities, says The View’s Francine Taylor. “She’s a beautiful woman. She’d look better if she dressed more simply.” Then again, says 3rd Rock costumer Melina Root, Carson’s cluelessness proves how much actors need professional help. “If people didn’t dress like this,” she says, “I’d be out of business.”

1. Carson’s ostrich-feather ensemble at a February Academy of Television Arts & Sciences event in L.A. laid an egg with Roshumba, who says, “She’s trying to put too many things together.” Pamela Keogh calls the hat “silly, silly,” while Pamela Dennis thinks that the American-Indian-print tee “looks like something I’d wear to bed.”

2. Roshumba would like to slap a warning label on this revealing gown that Carson wore to an Oscar party in March. “Rated XXXXXX,” says the VH1 host. A.B.S designer Allen Schwartz agrees, terming the look “ridiculous.” Or, as 3rd Rock costumer Melina Root puts it, “it’s just not flattering to her considerable assets.”

3. Donning a skimpy slip dress for March’s Soul Train Music Awards in L.A., Carson looked “absolutely hideous,” says Samantha Shaw. “You can see her bra.” Pamela Keogh was equally appalled. “Someone should have grabbed her before she walked out the door,” she says.