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Lisa Marie Presley: Viva Las Babies!

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October 7, 2008


5 lbs. 2 oz.


5 lbs. 15 oz.

Can you say “love them tender”? Lisa Marie Presley and guitarist husband Michael Lockwood, 47, are just mad about their 3-month-old twin girls, Finley and Harper. And with three dogs, three cats and two teenagers, Riley, 19, and Benjamin, 16 (from Presley’s previous marriage), running around their L.A. home, Presley says life is “chaotic bliss.” The singer-songwriter sat down with PEOPLE’s Amy Elisa Keith to talk about motherhood at 40, coping with being called “fat” during her pregnancy and teaching her daughters all about Grandpa Elvis.

How’s life as a mom of four?

We all live together, so it’s constantly hectic. But it’s different having babies in your 20s than when you’re 40—which I cannot even get that out to say. Blow embracing it! [laughs] But in my 40s, I don’t feel pulled anywhere else. We are 100 percent focused on the twins.

What’s their daily routine like?

They get up at 7 a.m., then it’s eat, play, nap, play, lie on a mat, nap. The lady who helps us at night tries to keep us organized with a schedule. But we blow it because we don’t write anything down.

Did you struggle to conceive?

We tried to get pregnant for two years. My blood was too thick and would clot, which caused several miscarriages. The moment I took blood thinners, I got pregnant.

What was your reaction when you heard you were having twins?

I knew my family history—my father had a twin who died at birth, and my other grandmother also had twins. But at the ultrasound, the doctor goes, “There’s the heartbeat. Oh my God!” My heart just dropped, and I stopped breathing. Then she says, “There’s another one!” I started crying, Michael started crying, Riley was jumping up and down. It was great.

How did you feel when London’s Daily Mail called you fat because of your pregnancy weight?

It made me so angry. They assumed I was going down this unhealthy path. According to these reports, I was in demise. But I knew I was pregnant with twins and taking hormones. I wanted to scream “F— you!” as loud as I could. But I really didn’t want to say anything about the pregnancy because I was apprehensive. I was ultrasounding every other week like, “Are the babies okay?”

How much weight did you gain?

I was unable to see my toes by the fourth month. But I only gained 30 lbs. total. I worked out up until the seventh month. Nothing intense, just walking. I’m like anyone else, I want to lose the weight, so I walk a lot and I’m an organic eater. But I’m not rushing it, because that’s not what this time is really about.

Was your pregnancy tough?

I never had morning sickness. Except for the swelling, I was very happy and energetic. [Afterward] I was expecting to go into some severe postpartum-depression land. I was waiting for it to hit me. I’m glad it didn’t.

You delivered via C-section at approximately 38 weeks, which is later than usual for twins.

I was running around like a crazy person until the very end. I got my eyebrows done like six times just prior to the delivery, and my nails and hair too because I kept thinking I’d go into premature labor.

Is Michael handling first-time fatherhood well?

He was a nervous wreck the first few weeks. He was freaked out about dropping them. I’m not getting sleep and neither is he. So the nanny helps at nights now. I’m pro-nanny. What I’m not pro is being so tired that you can’t give the babies what they need.

How do you and Michael split baby duties?

The most difficult thing is when they’re both awake. It’s like, “Which one do I go to first?” I want to go to both. But Michael takes one, I take the other, and we switch off. The thing is to give equal time to each.

Describe their personalities.

They’re fraternal, so they are the ultimate dichotomy. Harper, for “harp,” is this sweet, calm, dainty baby. And Finley, which is Scottish for “fair warrior,” is the aggressor. She’s like me, a bit more rugged.

How is your mom, Priscilla, with them?

She is amazing. She just said, “I’d never leave the house if I had these two. I’d never do anything.” And I said, “I don’t!” But she isn’t “Grandma,” she’s “Nonna,” which is Italian for grandmother. She doesn’t want them getting used to “Grandma.”

What about Riley and Ben?

Riley’s so in love with them. She’ll wake up with Michael and me at night, and she’s not antidiaper. Ben loves them and thinks they’re cute, but he’s a 16-year-old boy. He was always my baby, so he’s used to me calling and texting him all day. I have to make sure I still give him that attention. Riley and Ben are my favorite people in the world. We love to travel together. All of us—Riley, Ben, the little ones—will be going to the Inauguration. I’m very excited.

What’s the best gift Finley and Harper have gotten?

Pink got them a really cute pink tricycle with rhinestones. But she didn’t get two, she got one! So they’ll have to work it out. Actually, Roseanne Barr was going to get a second one because she couldn’t take the idea that there was just one.

Do you and Michael get any alone time?

Soon after the delivery, he took me out on weekly dates with champagne and roses. We’ve never had a night apart in 5½ years—he’s on tour with me too. I was just thinking about that yesterday.

Will you record again soon?

It won’t happen this minute. I have a studio at the house, but if we leave the twins for over an hour, we panic. I don’t want to miss one smile.

Do you play music for them?

All my kids have silly songs I made up. I can’t share them. [laughs] I kinda want to slowly bring them into the world of music, all different genres. Not my music—I can’t even listen to it. But my father’s music is another story. There will definitely be a music lesson on Grandpa!