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Life in the Flash Lane

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[Three Thumbs Up]
Even in their aggressively terrible ties, hunks Robert Redford and Corbin Bernsen drew raves for style, though Janowitz found Bob’s trenchcoat “chintzy” and Vittadini thought it “too shiny.” As Ford says of Redford: “Sloppy clothes, big tie, off center, everything else—and it looks fabulous.”

[Three Thumbs Up]
With her tiara and a floating fairylike train, perennial trendsetter Princess Diana inspired cheers and jeers. “Elegant,” breathes Scaasi, and Vittadini agrees. But Janowitz questions “the ruffled things” at her hips: “Looks like some old dame wearing curtains.” “She’d look nice on top of a cake,” cracks one judge, who won’t be playing the palace.

[Four Thumbs Up]
The judges refuse to shred anything about Fawn Hall; the consensus is that she is right out of central casting as, surprise, a secretary. Says Ford: “She’s great looking and she dresses well.” She could hike the hem about an inch though—if Washington’s ready.

[Four Thumbs Down]
“Bad, bad, bad,” says a disbelieving Vittadini of Cosby kid Lisa Bonet, who already looks sorry that she wore this. “Very theatrical,” says Cassini. “Nothing here has any relevance to fashion, but it’s supposed to create something different.” Janowitz calls the outfit “obsessive compulsive, desperate for attention.” Observes Ford: “Way out.” “The bra looks too much like her hair,” declares Scaasi. “It looks like she had hair left over and fastened it to her bra.”

[Four Thumbs Up]
Do you ever wonder what Madonna looks like when she’s not all done up? No? Here she is anyway—wheeling through traffic on the racing bike that’s helped her to realign her curves. Even though it’s cycle gear, the outfit’s label reads Look. “She’s in a legitimate sports outfit that also shows imagination,” raves Cassini. Though the bone structure looks ma-a-a-ahvelous, her excitable husband, Sean Penn, reportedly has said he liked her better the old way.

[Four Thumbs Up]
It’s svelte Liz, in a Taylor-made hourglass gown and no diamonds to obstruct the view. “Exquisite. Tight, but she gets away with it,” says Vittadini. Others called her “smashing” and “ravishing.” Janowitz, though, thought the dress looked like “something for a little girl’s birthday party.” Maybe it’s just sour grapes.

[Three Thumbs Up]
You know it’s a crazy fashion year when Queen Elizabeth and her handbag score well. “For her, it’s a very unfrumpy suit,” says Ford, concurring with Beasley, who called the British monarch “very cute.” But everyone panned the hat. “It’s something a little donkey with a pushcart would wear,” said one.

[Three Thumbs Up]
Maybe a guy as great-looking as Mel Gibson doesn’t have to try too hard, but why borrow his wife’s jacket? In the end, hunkiness and happiness triumphed over execution, and most judges forgave all. “It’s his own style, and it works for him,” says Scaasi. “It’s like he really doesn’t care, but in a very good way,” says an admiring Beasley.

[Three Thumbs Up]
A dress like this is meant to be an image-buster for Angela Lansbury, who always seems to work in dreary geriatric garb. The majority vote was va-va-voom, but Janowitz found this outfit “dowdy.” Ford too was turned off: “I like her much better in her tweeds.”

[Two Thumbs Up]
Most judges found teen heartthrob Kirk Cameron’s getup standard L.A. issue: kind of uniformish and maybe a tad boring. But Cassini was more critical: “I don’t like the shirt, the print, and hate those kind of pants. Otherwise, he’s a good-looking guy.”

[Three Thumbs Up]
“A used-car salesman,” says Janowitz. Nope, it’s hip Huey Lewis, a rock star looking mighty “dapper,” according to Beasley, and “quite comfortable” to Ford. Nearly all the judges agreed that he could earn his fourth thumb up by shortening the trousers.

[Three Thumbs Down]
“What is this?” asks a confused Oleg Cassini. He should have asked Scaasi, who described A Year in the Life’s Sarah Jessica Parker‘s outfit as just plain “silly. I think bras should be worn underclothes.” Beasley was enchanted, though, proclaiming, “It’s al very now.”