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Life Beyond Twilight

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Anna Kendrick

“I remember the first year I was here, driving out to the house of the only friend I had in L.A. to watch the Oscars,” says Kendrick, 24. One turn as George Clooney‘s sidekick in Up in the Air later and-voila-she was nominated for one. Still, the woman better known as Bella’s human friend is baffled by some aspects of her meteoric rise. “You’re trying to talk about a film you care about, and it all gets reduced to how handsome George Clooney is, or, even worse, would I date a vampire? And you feel like, ‘What does that have to do with anything?’ ”

Ashley Greene

She’s starring in the comedy Butter alongside Jennifer Garner and recently wrapped the drama Warrior with Kellan Lutz, but she says no on-set chemistry can rival the Twilight cast’s. “There are lots of game nights and dinners cooked at home,” says Greene, 23. And lots of nicknames. “Jackson’s is ‘The Menacing Vampire,’ according to Kellan. And I’m pretty sure Rob’s been called Flippy or Floppy, because he’s highly uncoordinated.”

Jackson Rathbone

It will be a busy summer for Rathbone, 25, who’s also in M. Night Shyamalan’s epic fantasy The Last Airbender and touring with his band 100 Monkeys. Of his Eclipse role as the manipulative Jasper, he says, “I got to do a nice scene with Kristen,” adding that the two stars share another passion: “Kristen can definitely wail on guitar.”


Since New Moon, Lutz, 25, has lived out a dream: starring in a Calvin Klein underwear campaign. “I started out modeling, so this is the pinnacle,” he says. He also appeared in April’s A Nightmare on Elm Street and plays a Greek god in next year’s Immortals. But, he says, “I don’t see myself as the perfect guy with nice hair like Rob Pattinson. It’s humbling to have someone say that, but I’m no Brad Pitt.”


Next appearing in the horror movie Chain Letter, Reed, 22, recalls the long hours spent on-set shooting Eclipse. “We were doing too much in too little time,” she says. “It felt like we were shooting an independent film.” As for the challenge of playing her Twilight vamp, Rosalie Hale, she says, “It’s a skill to act like cold stones-I want a hug all the time.”

Peter Facinelli

Last fall Facinelli, 36, shuttled between his two doctor gigs-playing Carlisle Cullen in Eclipse and Nurse Jackie‘s arrogant Dr. Cooper. But there was no time for jet lag. “There was this rivalry of who’s gonna work out the most,” he says of the Eclipse mind-set. “I remember going to the gym, and Kellan was waiting for the elevator doing push-ups! I was like, ‘Okay, man. You win!’ ”